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inawza reviewed Her Water Broke on Oct 07, 2010 08:03 PM [Report This]

this is sad...i dont know who should i support T_T
erika or jin bcoz i felt bad for both of them
jin has to go in order to gv his family a better life
but that would mean leaving erika alone to mend for their child
she needs him...its their first-born...
did she put up the child for adoption or something and then remarry???
good work... *clap clap clap*
Author's Response: I know right? I don't even know who I support so I try to write them both as objectively as possible. It's pretty hard. If I had to pick a side I would probably pick Jin's but that's only because I put a really high value on education and I do believe that it is the difference between a good life and a great one. But god Erika the poor girl going through that type of pressure. She's not exactly the perfect figure or personality for that type of role neh? I know I may not be able to handle that situation and I would probably have reacted in a similar fashion but not to that extreme. A first born is incredibly important T.T She can't be left alone. The presence of a father cannot be argued, it's been proven children with good father figures are more successful in life :( =D Those questions I would actually answer them but they are answered in the chapter so I'm glad you asked them because that means you were paying attention which IS AWESOME =D I love smart readers! I try to leave clues behind for you guys. YAY WANANI. Thank you for reading and reviewing! *bows* I hope I can live up to your hopes for the next chapter.

Christine reviewed Her Water Broke on Oct 07, 2010 09:47 AM [Report This]

That...was seriously so sad...Erika's pain and hurt at finding out she was going to be left to raise her child alone must have been unbearable!
But Jin...Jin is like so sad man. I felt his pain. I can see he truly cares about his family and is torn about what to do. He wants to continue studying in order to be able to provide for his family without Toda Takuya's influence...GAH
She doesn't die while giving birth right?
i love you too lessthanthree :)
Author's Response: CHRI I WANT TO START OFF BY APOLOGIZING. AND STATING TOMORROW IS IMPURE INTENTIONS DAY. =D But yes apologizing. That was also part of the reason I double-updated this. <33333333333333 Yeah. I'm sorry. I'm going to get depressing for a while. Thank god we have Meow and Ryo-tan or we're really going to be sad neh? Erika's feelings can be perceived two ways so I'm glad you could see that side of her thoughts. She's not a very independent girl and she doesn't tend to have a very good hold on her emotions her thoughts and she does constantly feel like everyone is going to leave her. One day if I actually want to I'll write her relationship with Ken'ichi out. Cause I keep mentioning it XD and it did affect her a lot but I kind of blotted that out for you guys. *guilty author* JIN IS SO SAD TOO. He's not gone btw. He's poof from the poster not poof from the poster. Like even this chapter I had to bring him back. Imaginary Jin will make frequent stops in Erika's life. He does truly love his family and he really does care for Erika and Mao but the damage is done, or at least I hope it was done believably. God plot-holes. BTW. tell me the second chapter didn't have typos in it please. T.T that one was quick-edited. I WANNA KNOW TOO. LOLZ. no i do know. cause I posted a preview and that only happens when something is set in stone. GOD THE POSTER YOU MADE IS SO PRETTY. I'M SO STUCK ON IT. I LOVE YOU FOR HELPING ME WITH THIS STORY =D Seriously the poster made me write this nice Ryo and Mao scene that now I can't imagine the story without. THANK YOU CHRISTINE =D ILESSTHANTHREEYOU

biniBningPunkista reviewed Her Water Broke on Oct 07, 2010 07:36 AM [Report This]

i somehow could relate to how erika felt. at first i was thinking... "how could this girl be so bitchy about Jin and her future? why can't she just understand it?" until i read erika's thoughts.

this sort of happened to me and my long time boyfriend.. (we've been together for 6 years already) and then he suddenly decided to take up medicine. which would take 4 years, which meant i would have to wait 4 years for him and then re-think of our future together. then he has to take residency which means another 4 years would be added to that. so that's 8 years in total, while Erika only gets 2. yeah... my life is as bitter as hell.

so in this one... I SO F*CKING FEEL ERIKA'S PAIN. that's what i wanted to say. what's left in my head is the question HOW did Erika handle this situation? why did Mao end up being fatherless and motherless. i really hate to think that both Erika and Jin died a long time ago and that Mao is actually chasing ghosts of her parents bitter past. on the other hand, i am also thinking that Erika ran away and tried to be independent since she wasn't like that in the first place. But still... how could she do that to Jin when she honestly loved him?

ahhhh... now i am thinking too much! i'm leaving the words to you and i'll wait for your next chapter!!!!

btw, i'm not sure about the symbolism you are talking about... but what really caught me at the first segment was Jin's happy eyes compared to his dad's tired one. I'm wondering what Jin's dad has been up to that made him so tired as always.

thank you for this update and ILY too for making such stories!!! *hugs*
Author's Response: I agree. I did want to give off that portrayal I know people who have waited around a lot more but- when you read into her thoughts it makes more sense. Erika's not a very emotionally stable girl personally and with her pregnancy and her feelings going awry I can easily say that her judgement was clouded. I am sorry if it wasn't believable though because I'm being honest when I say I was really scared her feelings weren't going to be believable. OMG. Shan I am so sorry you had to go through that because I know how it must have felt. When did this happen? Was it recent? <3 I'm sorry you had to think of all these things. I know with med-school especially things tend to get complicated easily. I hope things work out between you and your boyfriend. If you guys have been together for six years already there must be something there neh? No wonder you can relate to her so well. I'm sorry if she ends up sounding unbelievable. Especially in the last chapter I had mixed Erika and Jin perspectives so I'm not sure if it came off perfect. Your answers are all answered in Chapter 18 =) Except for the death. That I can't tell you. I mean you could probably worm it out of me cause I SUCK at keeping secrets. There's still a lot behind her story with Jin I haven't covered. While he is not going to be developed in the plot any further at this time he has not completely disappeared from it =) so I hope you get to see a little more of Erika's insight into her relationship with Jin. NO I LOVE IT WHEN MY READERS THINK. So please don't say that =) your thought processes help direct me where this story heads and enforce my vision for it =D I hope you enjoyed this chapter Shan and I'm proud to have such a thoughtful reader like you =D no lies. Chri and you are my shining long-time stars. I still can't believe you guys used to read TTTC. T.T that was such crap man. I need it to go through a massive re-edit one day. I tried writing it originally too. didn't work. The symbolism was the eyes and the egg. The egg represented his future crashing. Even though honestly most would have received it happily. In his case it was a negative. T.T I need to work on symbols man. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR READING THEM =D WHEN I GET DISHEARTENED KNOWING YOU GUYS ARE THERE ACTUALLY READING THIS STUPID STUFF I TWIST AND CHANGE FROM PLOTLINES THAT HAVE INSPIRED ME KEEPS ME GOING. NO LIES =D *GLOMP*
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