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Christine reviewed Kiss You Quiet on Sep 28, 2010 04:23 PM [Report This]

Ok so...wait...did I just read correctly or are my eyes playing tricks on me?
Did you just write Matsuda Shota's SECOND wife?!
Omfg...Did Eri divorce Jin?!
Oh man oh we see the beginning of the end for these two in this chapter? I kind of don't want them to divorce! :(
Also...I feel so bad for Jin...Mao hates him and he might not exactly be the kind of father one should hate after all :(
Ryo and Mao are so freaking cute together I love them!
I was like...wait have these two been together for years?
Its just the way you write their chemistry man!
Awesome :D
I love it and I am so freaking curious what Meisa is going to tell put in too much mystery gah!!!
Every chapter I get filled with so many questions lol!
[I can't say I am not SEXCITED that you are writing YLIMD] but I also love this story of yours so I look forward to your next update.
Legit ;)
Author's Response: Yeah. Yeah you did. I'm giving you guys more hints as to what Erika does with her life after Jin and it's developing slowly. I'm really happy you caught that! You do see the beginning of the end I apologize in advance! I made them go through so much together neh? It's kind of sad that I'm getting ready to split them apart....or will I? or what's happening XD *attempts to suspensify further* Yeah honestly Mao hates him a lot because at least she knows Erika's dead. CANNOT SAY MUCH ELSE OR I'LL RUIN IT FOR YOU T.T Ryo and Mao pwn. <3 Serious. I love writing them, or well...mainly Ryo. He's a lot of fun snark to write and I don't usually write snark for my characters. Meisa's is probably the longest revelation before we enter the next arena...only time can tell you what that means XD. I've written a lot of YLIMD =D but I want to double update that plus because I added the two new mini plots I'm trying to quickly develop them in all chapters a little so it's less drastic a change. So I'm keeping it under the wraps and updating this one before I leave for the one week. I'm going to try and study and do intense stuff...I kind of got really lectured last night. I guess I do spend too much time on AFF T.T but I love it so much! ILY CHRI =D HAPPY BIRTHDAY Though this isn't your gift. T.T you'll still have to wait for that. I'm going to work on that a little while I'm away =D THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR REVIEWING YOU CRAZY AWESOME GIRL.

biniBningPunkista reviewed Kiss You Quiet on Sep 28, 2010 06:31 AM [Report This]

ahhhh... the intrigue just keeps on piling up!!! what the heck is happening here??? it's driving me nuts.

and yes... RYOxMAO is loved loved much. >_< *throws confetti around*
Author's Response: By now you're probably tired of my review replies T.T but I want to say thank you again =D cause you're awesome for reviewing everything so quickly. RyoxMao is a beloved couple =D I originally wanted Ryo in Impure Intentions but the readers wanted Jun so I put Jun in instead =D I hope you enjoy this next chapter shan! *sprinkles confetti too*
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