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biniBningPunkista reviewed Time To Man Up on Sep 28, 2010 06:20 AM [Report This]

Jin... so strong. such decisiveness... but what happened to the two of them??? T_T
Author's Response: Oh oh I wish I could tell you. But you'll find out this next chapter anyways. Or at least you'll find out clues to what's happened with them. I LOVE WRITING PAST AND PRESENT =D It's so much fun to let you guys know what's happened and try and make you guys figure out how =D I get so excited when I see you guys guessing right =D Thank you so much for reviewing <3333

Christine reviewed Time To Man Up on Aug 29, 2010 07:25 PM [Report This]

GO JIN!!!!
I am so happy with Jin in this chapter!
He so stepped it up and I love it!
Erika is pregnant...wahhh you know I half hoped it was going to be Mao? And yes I know Erika was bound to be pregnant some time but well...a tiny part hoped it was Mao XD
Ahh man Jin was so damn sexy when he told off both fathers...awesome bit right there!
I love it and no previews? :'(
Please update soon!
Now Off to read your other updates
Author's Response: IKR. I'm so proud of him too. In my head all men should act like this all the time. Really? You hoped it was Mao =D? Well I figure I had to get her preggers with Mao soon neh? Besides how would single Ryo take that news anyways =D ? I hope you enjoyed this Chri and thanks for reviewing =D
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