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biniBningPunkista reviewed The Morning After Isn't Always Ugly on Sep 28, 2010 06:16 AM [Report This]

wohohohoho... so many issues. and mao is getting more slutty in every fic! what??? what character is she getting into next? I LOVE THIS BIT girl! I LOVE IT!!!!
Author's Response: I'm not even lying. I've started experimenting with lemon a little so I apologize if it's very sucky and there's barely any hints of it and then I have to kind of dance around it. Plus this story is still rated T LOL. So I was kind of scared putting this up D= Mao is! Don't worry don't worry! I don't let Maki become a prude too =D they're both having equal amounts of fun time in my stories XD I'M GLAD YOU LOVED IT! ILY Ty Shan =D <3

Christine reviewed The Morning After Isn't Always Ugly on Aug 06, 2010 08:44 AM [Report This]

You updated!
Omfg ok Mao's reaction was totaly expected and the way you described Ryo...seriously girl you are making me so much more into him than I already am! XD
He is soooo hot! you should totally check out JOKER! He looks so amazingly hot in it and is such a dork but is so angsty at the same time! XD
Back to the story, Mao talked to him about her grandmother?! Shit...
What could she have possibly told him?!
Update soon and good luck with your studies babe! You can definitely do it!
Oh and PREGNANT?! loool why do I feel like our rolsed have reversed?! And I think you are talking about Erika...I hope you are talking abuot erika! Mao doesn't need this...woahhh!!!
Author's Response: YES YES I DID =D and I updated again. Ryo is hot =D therefore he deserves every single sentence I use to describe him in all his glory. I'm gonna start Joker soon =D Can't wait. Have to finish Unubore Deka soon. Yeah honestly. There's going to be one flashback chapter coming up soon. I'm going to flash back to a bunch of stuff that I've skidded over so you'll get to read all of that =D <3 Thank you so muchhh. LOL our roles have reversed. But don't worry. You'll find out whose preggers in this chapter. <3 And hopefully you'll love the situation =DTHANK YOU SO MUCH FOR READING YOU AWESOME GIRL.
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