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biniBningPunkista reviewed A Glimpse Of Perfection on Sep 28, 2010 06:06 AM [Report This]


OMG RYO KISSED MAO! or was it the other way around??? The scenes are so funny... Christine has turned into a crazy girl and Yamapi... well. he's always been horny as hell. But RYO! ahhhhh...
Author's Response: I KNOW Dude honestly. I think A Glimpse of Perfection is my favourite chapter in this story right now. It's so light and fun but still emotional and plot developing. I had the most fun writing it =D I figured since I was bringing Pi into the story I should bring Chri too =D they're a package deal =D buy one get one free =D This was back when I was REALLY feeling Ryo XD. You can ask Blossy she'll remember cause she had to keep her man on a leash so that I wouldn't steal him away XD Plus I really liked this character I was creating and I thought it'd suit him. Thanks again for reviewing doll =D

Christine reviewed A Glimpse Of Perfection on Jul 23, 2010 09:29 PM [Report This]

Dammit girl the way you described him was so funny!!!!
and Mao...AHAHAHAHA when she said Yamapi had the biggest man boobs she had ever seen...PRICELESS!
Somehow I kind of feel bad for Tegoshi lol...ah well...HOT RYO is in the houseeeee
hahaha thank you so much for the mentions! I was like OMFG she knows my surname! hahahahaha
Thank you so much that seriously was so cool...I felt goosebumps while reading my name in your story so freaking cool! lol
I can't wait to see how this develops!
Mao and Ryo....FTW!!!!!!
And omg you killed poor Ryo :(
That part when he was talking about her made me so sad :(
Yamapiiii~ he's such an asshole here ain't he? ahahaha but he made me laugh!!! I love it when they are all horny its funny to read XD
Oh and I can't believe you haven't added Toma in this...well yet XD
Anyways...please update sooooon!
And I don't mind your replies actually it was fun reading them kekekeke so reply back Lillith! :)
Author's Response: =D WAIT TILL YOU READ THE NEXT CHAPTER. Honestly Ryo is such a muse to me right now it's ridiculous. Both Toma and Jun are going to beat me up if I don't get back to them =D I'm glad you loved him! You can't have Yamapi in a story and not mention his epic boobies =D It's a must. It's a constant source of discussion in chatango too =D Reallyyyyy? I'm glad you thought it was unexpected! It was supposed to be cause he's just new character out of no where. Which is kind of what he's like in her life. LOL Tego is too- cute for being a main love interest which is bad I shouldn't say stuff like that. Cute boys are good too! But...when Ryo's there...sorry Tego. He's gotta take the lead. OMG. I hope you weren't creeped out! It's just on msn spaces or something I can see your last name! So that's how I found out! I'm glad you liked it! I tried to make you pretty awesome. I still feel pretty guilty about killing Ayu. T.T So if and when Blossy eventually reads this...heh. I'm prepared for the wrath XD. There's more to that storyline too. So that has to get expanded a little bit too. It's all in my head right now. Hehehe. Sorry =D I've met a lot of guys like Yamapi so yeah but not all of them are assholes =D okay to be honest. I kind of have a backstory but I'm not ruining anything right now. All boys are horny =D if they say they're not they're lying. Can there be a story without Toma? =D Wait dear wait. I'm sorry this is sooo long. I hope you can bare with my long ass review reply And thank you so much for the review. You know I love them.
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