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biniBningPunkista reviewed The Heart Aches For What It Never Had on Sep 28, 2010 05:51 AM [Report This]

i hate how sad Mao with her life being broken because of her parents. Breaks my heart... T_T

can't wait for the day she finally gets closure.
Author's Response: Dude that's such a good word for it! Closure! I knew the definition of closure but not the word itself when I was writing this. I know exactly what you mean. It's a very emotional ride considering who her parents are. You'll find out what Jin and Erika did in the upcoming chapters. Thank you so much for reviewing every chapter Shanny =D I'm going to have so much fun replying back to you XD <3 for serious =D

Christine reviewed The Heart Aches For What It Never Had on Jul 23, 2010 09:09 PM [Report This]

second...Alberto....he is adorable!!! hahaha
and the little spot must have been so beautiful! ^^
Oh oh and shut up don't you say you feel guilty about not reading SiT, you read that when you FEEL like reading it, otherwise it's unbearable lol! And I really hope you are doing good in your life because I'm starting to worry here.
on to the next chapter and I wanna see if Mao calls Tego! XD
Author's Response: =D this story gets a lot of double updates cause when I get writing it it ends up pretty intense. Yeah this story is going to get to be like 30 something now. T.T I expanded it out on an outline yest. It was pretty bad. I LOVE ALBERTO! I made him so stereotypical which sucks but he's so lovable <3 I kinda of saw something like that so yeah it was beautiful =D I'm sure it's not unbearable! You write pretty well you know! Don't be worried. I'm just super stressed and tired a lot but other than that I'm fine. Just lots of work. TWO MORE WEEKS AND I'M THROUGH. (for the next two weeks) =D Next review.
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