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Christine reviewed God Knows...I'm Gone on Jul 20, 2010 02:07 PM [Report This]

Ok Lillith I am so hating you right now....PLEASE UPDATE SOON!
I want ot read more! The story took a turn and it really feels like things are about to start getting heated up!
Oh and btw...I still havent figured out what Erika dead? or she just left? and what about Jin? or is he not Mao's father?
Gahhhh and what's this about Meisa being with Mao's dad as well?
me wants more so please update soon!
Author's Response: Nooo hating. I'm updating tomorrow probably when I get home again. T.T screw my life I'm out like all week. Marketing went so well btw =D Things are getting heated up now. Both Mao and Erika are at changing points in their lives. I can't tell you any of that sadly T.T I wish I could. Well I could tell you one thing for sure. Yes Jin is Mao's father. NONO Meisa was only with Takuya. Did I make a typo by accident? T.T Hope you enjoy the next chapters Chri. Seriously you made me superrr happy reading these. I got so relaxed with these =D I apologize again for all the replies.
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