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Christine reviewed Angels Swept You Off Your Feet on Jul 20, 2010 01:58 PM [Report This]

Woot woot!
Ok first off Tegoshi is absolutely adorable!
Second...ERIKA AND JIN ARE GETTING CLOSER! I can't believe you haven't made them kiss evil evil person ><
Also Ryo being a little cranky...hahahah pure awesomeness!
Woot woot for more party scenes and omfg the teasers!!! lol
[and now I am feeling like a total douche for not reading this earlier...did I mention I absolutely love the whole fifties feel you got here? ^^^^]
Author's Response: TEGOOOOOOOO he'd make an absolutely perfect bus conductor wouldn't he? I have no idea why but I really think he would. He seems to suit the role. Yesss Jin and Erika are going to get a lot closer a lot sooner =D I couldn't leave them emo and depressing for too long. I apologizeeee the kiss will take a while T.T Dude you'll get see how much I love Ryo in the next chapter. Again....major action time. hehehe partyyy! Fun times! noooo no douchey feelings please. I feel like enough of a douche for not properly starting SiT yet T.T YOU GOT THE FIFTIES FEEL IN THE WRITING? IT CAME ACROSS? YES! I didn't mention it too often but I'm glad you got it. If anything I imagine Erika's parts in sepia mostly. KYAHH you made me so happy right now.
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