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Christine reviewed Let's Trip Off The Edge Of Reality Together on Jul 20, 2010 11:37 AM [Report This]

Ahahahaha ok first of all
LOVED ACTOR SHOTA! You totally wrote him the hottest for me! lol
Jun is hot too mind you but when you write him grinning I can't help but giggle lol!
I am so freaking curious to see what Erika has done to cause such havoc! I am still trying to get with the timeline, who is old and who is not hahahaha
This is getting sexciting ;)
Author's Response: God you know how much I love him. I have to write him hot, charismatic and completely suave. Which I hope came across as a price which is way better than Jun's prince. Goooood I'm glad you giggled it was meant for you to giggle. Yeah you won't find out why Erika's so detested for a while yet. That's one of the biggest plot revelations so I can't reveal it too early T.T OOO I should break that up for people. Thank youu =D I'm glad you think so.
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