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Eyeslikeatoms reviewed The Words That Mean Too Much on Nov 21, 2012 05:47 PM [Report This]

OMOMOMO AISHITERU YO!!! HE SAID THAT WHEN HE WAS A KID?? did he know what it meant? I wonder what happened to Erika between the past and the present. Why is Mao staying at Naos? Why do i have the feeling that some stuff i wont like will happen and I'll get anxious...

Christine reviewed The Words That Mean Too Much on Jul 18, 2010 08:06 PM [Report This]

lol ok first things first...SEXCTING...never a bad joke lol
also I like the fact that Mao is doing Erika for her thesis kekekee reminds me of Toma...XD
and omfg....JIN?! he already said I love you? hahahah this is awesome....
Author's Response: Yay =DD I'm glad you liked my lame joke =D makes me feel loved. Yeahhh she's a history student. Yeahhh I wish I could give more backstory to the children part of the life but it would make this wayy too long so maybe one day I'll do a one shot on that but otherwise for now. Jin is saying I love you within no time =D KYAAH Christine I'm so happy you're reading this!
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