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ichigoyamada reviewed Here We Go Again on Jan 17, 2014 04:08 AM [Report This]

Start reading it! :D

The List of Characters gives me a headache D:

LOL xD All I have to do is just keep reading the story :D

*clicks next*

Eyeslikeatoms reviewed Here We Go Again on Nov 21, 2012 05:12 PM [Report This]

Woah... i just decided to read this and now that i saw the list of characters i got cold feet lol. I'll still try ^^ I'm already kinda confused tho but i bet that'll clear up as I read like usually.

biniBningPunkista reviewed Here We Go Again on Nov 17, 2010 05:41 AM [Report This]

Oh... oh... with regards to meisa, i have one question. are you going to explain how she and erika became actual best friends? coz, you have explained in this chapter that they became friends because of Takuya and if my memory serves me right, you have also mentioned in some of your previous chapters that they are already close with each other regardless of meisa's involvement with takuya.

that's the part that's confusing me. at first i thought she was the daughter of takuya's mistress but well... i got that wrong. i get a lot of things wrong these days. *please forgive me* everything is much more clearer now after the latest chapter you have posted, so no worries then! *hugs*

btw... i have a narimiya hiroki X kuroki meisa fic due to daisy's shoutout on the tagboard. You. Me. Together. It's going to be short... if you have the time, do check it out. You'll love-hate meisa in it. hahaha....
Author's Response: LOL. okay I'm replying to one right now (cause i usually reply before i upload a new one) only because I have to make this ABSOLUTELY clear because I don't want anyone reading the story to get confused. Meisa was just a bridesmaid at the wedding right? (In fact I think she was the only bridesmaid at the wedding T.T) It was a picture a groom and the bridesmaid! Often back when Erika hated Jin she would think in her head that Meisa and Jin should just get together because they looked so good together. They were also good friends...with Meisa giving Jin advice constantly and in the first play with Shota? Meisa and Jin spoke the entire time. You might not remember Shan only because you read that portion of it like ages ago when it was still up on winglin T.T So it might be really distant for you because you actually read it there XD <3333333 thank you so much for that XD. it made me feel loved. and i promise I'm going to reply to the rest of it when I upload the next chapter =D Now about Meisa and Erika's relationship only because I'm absolutely SURE i'm not going to get to delve into this portion: As a teen Erika was in the process of becoming a singer/actress when she was secretly dating Matsuyama Ken'ichi (a director in her father's studios) and that was where she met Meisa (also one of the talents of the studios). Their friendship was formed there. So even when Erika moved away from that arena of her life because of her father she knew Meisa. Takuya often hosted parties at his house for the studio members after so Erika and Meisa saw each other a lot and became close friends as such because of the parties and their being around each other. As a result when Meisa would ask Erika to come out with her Takuya could never really say no to her (because they were in love obviously) and so formed Erika's first real friendship that Takuya couldn't wholly control. (Because when it came to Meisa...he was a little out of control as well. LOL she was neverrr his mistress' daughter XD ever and yes I forgive you XD <3) I'm so sorry for any confusion this caused T.T I understand I should have probably given more back story to their friendship so I'll post this little explanation on the next chapter and thank you for letting me know it was confusing! I want this to be absolutely clear because otherwise reading can get annoying and I want you guys to be able to enjoy it without worrying about being confused. (i mean other than the mystery aspect which I can't help) Nari! I will totally link that up tomorrow =D I hope this helped Shan! I'm so sorry again! <3333 super love and I hope it's more clear now. I wish I got this stuff beta-ed man sometimes from a writer's perspective you miss things because you already know them in your head and you forget that the reader doesn't know everything in your head XD. Thank you for your review =D <33333

biniBningPunkista reviewed Here We Go Again on Oct 07, 2010 07:15 AM [Report This]

omg... i am reading impure intentions and i can't believe that i'm soOoo behind that fic.

btw, i'll stop commenting only until i drop dead or you get tired of making fics this wonderful altogether :P

i'm going to the latest chapter now *hugs*
Author's Response: omg. shan thank you so much for supporting me. I know what you mean about Shi-ne and Kiri. I mean no one's dying but god it's painful to write things neh? <3 I didn't even feel it when I was writing it but when it was going through the final edit on here. God I got depressed. Take your time with Shi-ne and Kiri <3 and you're awesome for saying that seriously thank you! *GLOMP*

inawza reviewed Here We Go Again on Oct 04, 2010 05:51 PM [Report This]

an update that makes me even more curious...
what happen to jin and erika's marriage?
did they broke up???
no....!!! aaaa
but ryo and mao are being sweet in this...
so sweet...
hope there's more coming...i'll be waiting...
Author's Response: Dude I'm in love with making you guys curious on what on earth happened, is happening and is going to happen XD I wish I could tell you all the details but I can't. =D You'll be able to guess though and hopefully this update will help you guess what happens. Ryo and Mao are my happy couple. When Erika and Jin are being dramaqueens I run to them XD Hope you enjoyed the update wanani =D and thank you for reading.

inawza reviewed Here We Go Again on Sep 24, 2010 11:23 AM [Report This]

i like this story...especially the mao-ryo couple *wink*...please let them be an item...and i think they should continue the love-hate attraction...wuhuu...i want more.... xoxo
Author's Response: DO YOU? =D I'm so glad you enjoyed this story. Thank you so much for your review. Mao and Ryo are adorable neh? I wish I could tell you what happens in Mao's story but rest be assured I have a lot planned for her =D Ryo's definitely a part of it. I hope you enjoy the next chapter as well wanani =D

Christine reviewed Here We Go Again on Jul 18, 2010 07:57 PM [Report This]

Woot Woot
I finally started this...kekeke
You know back on winglin I kind of guessed it was you who wrote this as well, but I am ashamed to say I never went through with reading this.
Anyways...YOU PUT IN KIMURA TAKUYA! and ok he is the grandpa but still hot man hot man XD
anyways off to c hap 2 XD I wonder what Mao's story is? ;)
Author's Response: Thank goddd =P You're going to get like nine notifications so I apologize really honestly. Don't be ashamed =D we all get busy in life mannn. Look at me with all my stupid tests and stuff and you were writing Toma =D Which is totally a necessary activity. Anyhoo I'm glad you got around to it =D YES TAKUYA =D He seems like a pretty awesome guy. grandpa Takuya shexy <3 =D Off to the next review. I hope Mao's story is getting clearer...not that she has a story.

biniBningPunkista reviewed Here We Go Again on Jun 14, 2010 01:12 PM [Report This]

OMG!!! i've been following this in winglin!!!! i'm freaking happy you've transferred it here. yey!!!
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