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Anna Clair reviewed Valentine's Gift on Feb 07, 2015 11:12 PM [Report This]

Dear Anon,

I think it's seriously been like months before I came on AFF and honestly thank god Annie told me about this because this is so sweet :) thank you for writing this for me. I've been going through some tough times recently so this definitely helped cheer me up. A beautiful Toma trying to woo his way into my heart by painting? Be still my beating heart!

I love how fearful he was andhow you totally got down the annoying part (I would say that even to my girlfriends...bc I'm just stupid like that :D)

Also the fact you used Deepika in your poster as Anna :D KYAAA you must know me well!

Once again thank you for the sweet gift :) I hope you have a great valentines day and I hope to thank you properly again once I get a chance to find out who you are post Valentines day :)!

cahaya reviewed Valentine's Gift on Feb 03, 2015 02:23 PM [Report This]

evening ...
thank you for writing wonderful story ...really love story based from best friend turn lovers ....quite interesting storyline and love the characters ...keep up the good work ...keep on writing and take care ;) ^_^
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