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JumpIntoMyCore reviewed Office Affairs on Jun 24, 2014 10:05 AM [Report This]

So, just recently my innocence has been ruined, and I was able to read that scene between Jiyong and Shige without be embarrassed.

Are you proud of me? xD
Sorry, I woke up like an hour ago and I'm still a little weird.

But anyhoodles moving on,I like how Joongie couldn't remember Shige's name, it made me laugh.

And I like the way Jiyong approached even though jaejoong was avoiding him, all cool and whatnot. xD

xD First Joongie is uncomfortable that he's gay, then he's biatching at him about not being good enough. Jiyong did the right thing, kissing him to make him shut up. *nods*

"Well... We could split them up and keep the pieces." Joongie is evil when he's drunk, huh?

They're not really married are they?

I knew it! Oh G Dragon you silly boy.

So it ended with a happy ending for G Dragon and not Jaejoong? XD
That is quite fitting actually, luck has never been Joongies friend. XD

This was super adorable! And you fit their personalities super well!

(that was my entire review before it got cut off, can you believe I remembered it word for word? I added a few more things but still. XD)

Anyhoodles! I really enjoyed this. *hearts*
Author's Response: It's sad you lost your innocence but I'm glad you could read the whole story xD And it's the smuttiest thing out there... not even close hahahah Jaejoong was a little drunk and apparently he is a bit silly... and evil yes. Of course he is not! I wanted a happy ending for JoonShige... KatoJoon.... I'm happy you enjoyed it and that the personalities matched! I had no idea what I was doing hhahah Thank you for reading and commenting *sends love*

zoe187 reviewed Office Affairs on Jun 21, 2014 05:44 AM [Report This]

its ok I am just really happy you wrote it because it was amazing while it lasted. I actually read it when I was supposed to be doing a test on the computer at school but I simply couldn't get enough of it. thanx again
Author's Response: Do your tests first! hahaha. Thank you, I'm happy you enjoyed it so much xD

zoe187 reviewed Office Affairs on Jun 20, 2014 05:26 AM [Report This]

omg absloutly lovvveee it please update!!!!! this is my life at this moment
Author's Response: I'm so happy you enjoyed it! Zoe, this is a one shot, so the story is over for now xD Sorry! I might continue Rosa and Jaejoong's story in the future but I'm not sure since I have many stories to finish and update xD Sorry! You can read some of the other stories if you want in the mean time :D Thank you so much for reading and commenting!

romantic swan reviewed Office Affairs on Jun 16, 2014 09:27 AM [Report This]

I am a yaoi fan, like the story. Very interesting.
Author's Response: I'm happy you liked the story, Thank you so much for reading and commenting!
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