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Salmarose reviewed Shine No More on Sep 14, 2014 07:33 AM [Report This]

You're really bad!! Thank you. I'll be reading your other stories and i hope they're not too depressing too
Author's Response: Haha ^_^ They aren't *as depressing kekeke

Salmarose reviewed Shine No More on Sep 08, 2014 06:34 PM [Report This]

You made me cry so much... It remind me of those french romance movies & book which always end with one dying or leaving without explaination which also ends me getting wet eyes. My first FanXing with angst although i don't like reading angst coz it alway leave me depressed this one caugh my eyes and i love the way you portray their feeling. Great job Dove although you made me cry on my first day here i loooved it. Damn i'm still crying!!!
Author's Response: First, welcome to AFF! I feel really sadistic because I like when my readers get emotional because of my stuff lol...sorry...not really, haha. Thank you for reading and reviewing! ^_^

cahaya reviewed Bonus: And It's Too Empty on Jul 05, 2014 03:51 PM [Report This]

kindda sad but quite interesting on how depth in portraying key's feeling ...
written beautifully ...great and keep up the good work ... ^_^
Author's Response: yes, I tried to imagine what Kris felt. Thanks for reading and reviewing!

cahaya reviewed Shine No More on Jul 05, 2014 03:45 PM [Report This]

evening ...
thank you for writing
quite different type of story
sad and heartbreaking ...
beautifully written ^_^

hunnyhugs reviewed Bonus: And It's Too Empty on Jul 05, 2014 09:30 AM [Report This]

hwuaa..sad X'(

hunnyhugs reviewed Shine No More on Jul 05, 2014 09:15 AM [Report This]

hi! dove :')

thank you for writing this..
it's so sad..but suit well with this song..i enjoy it ;)

this is my favorite Lee Hom song too!
Author's Response: Hi! Thanks for the prompt and letting me let out all my feels lol ^_^

burningzoul reviewed Bonus: And It's Too Empty on Jun 26, 2014 10:19 AM [Report This]

It's cool how you can portray how Kris might be feeling. Though we can never know the real truth, but the story feels true and heartfelt. Good job!
Author's Response: I wish we can know the real truth >.< Thanks for reading/reviewing!

Kristy reviewed Bonus: And It's Too Empty on Jun 26, 2014 07:22 AM [Report This]

I'm done. I'm SO done.

Crying right now T.T Relly, this is too much- your writing is just so good, it makes it real for me. Also, I think that it provides an interesting perspective into Kris's story (in real life, that is). Gives a different feel to the situation- he, too, suffered. We can't always chalk it down to our suffering; we must think of others as well.

Anyway, gotta applaud your for your productivity after the news broke out. I found out at 5 am when I checked allkpop right before my national economics exam. And cried all the way through the supply-demand charts. :(
Author's Response: Your description of angsty Kris ships was so accurate...they will never sink! anyway, thank you for your review ^_^ I feel bad, but when I read that you were crying through the test, I laughed a little. Lol sorry... I'm really bad at replying. But thanks again!

Kristy reviewed Shine No More on Jun 26, 2014 07:17 AM [Report This]

Thank you for joining the Angsty Kris Ship, which will dock in approximately... never. While you're here, please enjoy a course of never-ending fangirl tears. But no really, I totally feel you on the angst and depression-esque stories.

Okay, I need to start reading the story now... and got to the part about Tao, and literally let out a whimper. Way to go breaking my TaoRis heart... again!

And omg with the FanXing :( "They were finally realizing their dream but Yifan wasn't there" OH WOW THIS PART IN PARTICULAR.

*deep breaths* I gotta get through this without crying T.T actually, this is my first Kris fic since that day. So not ready right now...

Holy smokes with the whole 'nobody talked about it' and the 'dimmer silver sea', I'm in pieces right now. :(((((((

You made me smile... a little bit with the 400 names of Kris at the end, though. Ben Ben, Wu Yi Fan, Kris, Kris Wu, Galaxy Kris, I am so done with him. XD
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