Reviews For Winter Innocence

Anna Clair reviewed Chapter 1 on Dec 25, 2013 07:38 PM [Report This]

I like that this was just a cute friendship story. The relationship between Luna and Sulli was actually kind of sweet with Luna's protective unnie behaviour catching on towards the end as she beared the whims of Sulli.

Winter really does agree with Sulli though huh :O? I mean even looks wise she looks like a perfect snow princess person.

(Also I hate waking up at 12 T.T So I know how Luna feels >
Author's Response: Actually, when I wrote this, it was going to be a Dasom and Hyorin story, and it's was going to be a yuri. But when I looked for them in the characters list, SISTAR wasn't there. So I switched up the characters, and story. I imagine thats what kind of Unnie Luna is though, protective and sweet. Yes, Sulli does have looks to match winter, maybe she should wear winter colors more often, and do winter themed make up more often too? She can be the snow princess and Jessica can be the ice queen. XD I think I'm the only person that doesn't have a problem with waking up early. XD Anyhoodles, I'm glad you liked this story, and, thank you for the review!

yukino78 reviewed Chapter 1 on Dec 25, 2013 04:13 AM [Report This]

awww...i do love Sulli and thank you for writing a story with F(x) they don't get enough exposure. ♥ this!
Author's Response: I love Sulli too.^^ Thats why I chose her and Luna. I agree F(x) doesn't have near as many fics about them as they should. I'm glad you liked this though, and thank you for the review!

Kristy reviewed Chapter 1 on Dec 25, 2013 03:51 AM [Report This]

Sulli is so cute by how excited she is! That's adorable :) And Luna's just like me! Groaning and complaining; waking up early is never my favorite thing, even if there's snow! (And only 2 inches, too XD)

That was so cute; a little playtime in the park with snow sounds like the perfect day! And they made snow-angels, how adorable. Aw, the fluff just makes me so happy! Good job on this story, it was super cute :)
Author's Response: I'd be exactly like Sulli too. XD I mean come one, noon isn't that early! And the first snow is always so exciting. I decided to make this as fluffy as possible, with a little bit of tension, but, I think I failed in the tension area. Thank you for the review!^^

Blossy reviewed Chapter 1 on Dec 24, 2013 11:37 PM [Report This]

Snow ball fight! I liked reading the friendship between Sulli and Luna^^
Author's Response: Yes! Snowball fights are so fun.^^ I'm glad you liked reading this!^^ Thank you for the review!

biniBningPunkista reviewed Chapter 1 on Dec 24, 2013 03:23 PM [Report This]

Awww.. that's cute. I wish it snows in my place like this. I could really imagine the enjoyment of having snow.
Author's Response: It doesn't snow where you live? It is super fun to play in, and so pretty to look at, but there is a down side to it. It's so cold! XD Any way, I'm glad you thought this was cute, and, thank you for the review!^^

dove reviewed Chapter 1 on Dec 23, 2013 04:07 PM [Report This]

very nice and simple story
Author's Response: Simple seems to be my style. I'm not the best at being descriptive, I do hope you still enjoyed reading. Thank you for the review!

cahaya reviewed Chapter 1 on Dec 22, 2013 07:59 AM [Report This]

evening authornim...
thank you for this one shot
rare pairing and interesting
they really enjoyed themselves playing with snow ...happy and cute ;)
ending kindda nice!
keep up the good work n take care ^_^
Author's Response: I am the writer of rare pairings, they're kind of my specialty. XD Yes, playing in the snow is fun, even if it is cold, it's still fun. Thank you for the review! You take care too.^^
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