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Eyeslikeatoms reviewed Scandal on Oct 06, 2013 05:25 PM [Report This]

Reading, reading, reading, reading :P Hi Yuki!! *sends love* I'm really excited about you having a new story but I feel like as your fan I have to demand that you update B2st Temporary coordinator too xD
Unnie, is it a typo that the chapter name is scanadal?
I should've guessed you'd make Sulli date Minho xD I was thinking you might write something different because of the news but you turned it around lol.
And i have no idea why but I'm immediately hoping Sulli would end up with Yunho instead. It's like I'm destined to always have my heart broken from shipping the couple that will never be.
Hahahah xD twitter convo... The other one is Jae Joong, right?
Such a big mystery around saving Sulli's reputation.
Is the mystery person Yuki? I had that feeling.
And Yuki somehow I feel like this is your big dream xD That this would happend and MinhoxSulli would be real. Well anyways, I really enjoyed it. Lots of love! *hearts*
Author's Response: are right! it was a typo! LOL...i fixed it already when I saw my story was accepted. I was like...did I typed that? LOL...that's what happens when you post at 3am in the I will update b2ast coord soon...sorry for the wait...sometimes there are stories in your head that won't go unless you write it and you push back the others for a while...the scandal did that to me. lol. thank you dear for always being there!!! and you made my day reading your long post! LOL...and you are right..Jaejoong is his friend...and the mystery lady and EarthWhizard is not Yuki...hehehe...another character! wahahaha...i'm excited about this...i will connect these one-shot to my other stories and new one-shots. hehehe Again! Thank you dear~
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