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leilei3915 reviewed Sabbia on Jul 23, 2018 04:32 AM [Report This]

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Magzhydfan reviewed Sabbia on Nov 16, 2013 01:26 PM [Report This]

It's really beautiful read. Honestly, when I saw the word count, I hesitated in reading. But it's Mao so started and ood I did. Because I wouln't want to miss reading this beautiful piece of yours. Though it is for Shan, I thank you kindly for sharing.
Author's Response: Hi Magzhydfan, dude don't worry I know the word count is pretty scary T.T i just get addicted to fleshing things out. but thank you so much for reading and calling it beautiful ! (<3 I guess we should thank her too for such a lovely request neh :D it inspired me well). I'm really happy you enjoyed it*hugs*

Ame-chan reviewed Sabbia on Sep 13, 2013 11:52 PM [Report This]

That was really good ! I loved it ! The atmosphere was so funny at the beach. I wanted to be with there just to have fun ^^
Mao is so funny too :)
Good job !
Author's Response: Thank you Ame-chan :D! I'm always really happy to hear feedback so thank you for taking the time to review. Honestly writing this whole story just made me wish I was more of a beach nut! I'm now tempted to go find my own happiness on the beach so I totally get how you're feeling!

Christine reviewed Sabbia on Sep 10, 2013 07:00 PM [Report This]



It was seriously so so good!

All the characters had their backstory without taking too much from the main story and yet at the same time were still mysterious? I don't know if that makes sense to you but it makes perfect sense to me :P

Meisa and Tegoshi were freaking amazing! I can honestly say those two were my favourite couple!

Ryo was so sweet and responsible.

Tomaaaaaaaaaaaaa Toma was seriously such a dork! At first I thought he was going to be some douche who will become better in the end but he wasn't!
He was a dork all the way and it made him all the more lovable!

Mao was really cute too, I could feel her pain and confusion with Jun and then her blossoming feelings for Toma.

It was so beautifully written that I want to go to Villa Spiaggia!

Thank you so much for writing and sharing such an amazing story!

I love you
Author's Response: Wahhh I'm so happy you liked it! I was really happy because even though it was so long I managed to finish it :O something I wasn't sure I could do (once stories get long I get weird seperation anxiety. You totally described what I was trying to do perfectly >< I wanted to give everyone a little bit of time at least. Ryo is one of my fav. characters too :D that adorable child him <3 But yayyy I'm glad you loved Toma so much, Toma isn't really a douche in this one XD I just wanted him to be a spaz all the way through <3 which I'm glad you lovedddd tooo :D (Mao had a tough time in this story >< her heart break was a lot stronger than Toma's) I want to go tooo! Let's go on a trip together XD Love you! Thank you for reading bb!

biniBningPunkista reviewed Sabbia on Sep 07, 2013 05:05 PM [Report This]

First off, I would like to thank you for this wonderful story. It is exactly my kind of read. Funny, Romantic and has tid-bits of drama in it.

I have been meaning to read this 3x already since I checked my email, but failed miserably and only had the chance to read it now since I'm having time constrains between work and real life. So I hope you're not disappointed on my very late comment. Oh, btw I didn't mind how long it was because I liked reading it so much I didn't even notice it was THAT long! lolz.

Also, there were 2 statements I would like to point out. These are my favorite lines in your story:

"How ridiculous, here she was sitting crying thinking about how her boyfriend had totally ruined KitKat for her forever."

- I was laughing my ass out with this line. I can't believe you included that there, because, I LOVE KITKAT. It's one of my favorite chocolates and I could just imagine Jun ruining Mao's favorite chocolate for her because of that line "Let's take a break" LOL!

She had always just been so damn available to him that he’d taken her for granted. She had made mistakes just as much as he did. When she wanted him to pay attention to her, she didn’t scream out until it was too late, but now it really was too late for them.

- This one made my heart break, why? Here's the truth: The plot line is actually about me and my very own love story. So yes, you just wrote the very thing I have felt during that time. It was like an arrow was shot through my heart, my eyes watered as I read that. It was really heart breaking to remember how THAT felt. 8 years was pretty much a long time - the memories were all there but when your heart really opens up to someone else, 8 years just becomes a number. Nothing more, nothing less.

So thank you so much for choosing this plot line. I was really surprised that you decided to pick this plot out of all the 3 choices, the plot really meant a lot to me, and so does this story. THANK YOU Lillith! *hugs*
Author's Response: Dear Shan, AHHH <3 I'm so happy you enjoyed it. Phew! *lets out huge sigh of relief* Honestly this plot spoke to me more than the others. I don't know why o.o but something about how summer-y it was and how perfect the characters sounded ended up attracting me I guess. It was almost too easy to write because by the time I put my fingers on the keyboard I already knew exactly where it was going. Now I'm even more in awe after I've heard more about why you put it in as one of your three plot bunnies. (ALSO phew thank god it wasn't that long to you T.T) I'M SO GLAD YOU LIKE THE KITKAT LINE :D it's one of my favs too :) Also...I remember you telling me about your ex I think before in another review on Erika. I'm sorry it didn't work out but it did end up being for the best if you found someone as adorable as the Toma you plotted in this bunny. :) Time is fluid and honestly you should live each day to the most and as long as you've found someone who values the time they spend with you and the time you spend back with them, then that's the most important part. You're a great person and you deserve all the happiness in the world and you deserve a man who understands what a gem you are :) Is it crazy I just want to give you a big old hug right now? *HUGS* Your review made me tear up a little...I don't like the idea of you having to remember your heart break :( so I'm sorry for that but I am so happy you opened your heart up to someone else :) THANK YOU SHAN! For being brave enough to trust a secret author with this plot and for telling me everything you felt as a reader even though it was personal. I actually really appreciate you making that connection with me. And...I kinda wanna hug you again so *INTERNET HUG PART II* I hope your life is going well and work doesn't get you too busy! (and if you have LINE, or Whatsapp, or Gtalk or something :) we should catch up on that, it's been a while since I caught you online. Love, Lillith

Uniquemikoto reviewed Sabbia on Sep 04, 2013 06:27 AM [Report This]

I never thought that ikuta toma x inoue mao would work out somehow xD
I love this one-shot~
Toma and mao are perfect for each other ne? =w=
Jin and meisa are so stupid, Did they do something that much that should ban them from going to the country? XD
Tegomasuuuu~ xD
Thank you for this one-shot~
(So you're lilith?! *completes reading ashes to ashes*)
Author's Response: LOL I'm glad you're satisfied and not bored! Thank you Uniquemikoto :D !! Hehe honestly, I'm a bit more of a MaoJun fan because of HYD, but Toma's my ultimate bias so it wasn't that hard to make the switch to him for one story XD. Jun will get Mao in my other stories :) I'm glad I convinced you they were perfect for each other though! (I convinced me too! :O) LOL...Jin and Meisa's affair would be another story neh XD? hmmm I wonder if I should write it... Tegomassu are so cute tooo :D <3 I love them! They just seem so well-suited for each other! No wonder they're such a popular unit! (Is Tegoshi your bias btw :D?) Thank you for reading this one shot!! (and everything else! I'm really honored you've listed me as one of your favourite authors *bows*) I have this really bad habit of not replying to reviews until I put up the next chapter so I also want to thank you for your review on Erika :) the new chapter for that is almost done :) (AND YES I'M LILLITH XD long story short, my penname here was LillithEvans a long time ago and I changed it to Anna Clair for personal reasons but everyone around here still calls me Lillith, but you can call me whatever you'd like :) I hope you liked AtoA! That story is one I'm really biased about)
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