JumpIntoMyCore reviewed Year Three - Infinite - Chapter Three on Jul 26, 2013 02:28 AM [Report This]

Ahh! *Flips table* You're so good at writing! I can feel the suspense, and how intense everything is.

I also like how normal everyone tries to keep things, it might help them keep their sanity a little longer.

No, no no! Something can't happen to Sunggyu!.... Wait, who's with him..... Hoya, right....?

I loved this chapter! Thank you. And update whenever you can, I'll just patiently wait. XD
Author's Response: Dat Sunggyu oppa. It's nothing bad... yet. lol. But keep in mind that hoya is with him. You'll need it ;) and thank you about the compliment on my writing! Especially for this story. I usually write cutesy romantic things or downright pr0nz so this is new territory. I'm glad you're enjoying it!! Keep reading and hopefully you'll keep enjoying!

JumpIntoMyCore reviewed Year Three - Infinite - Chapter Two on Jul 21, 2013 02:51 AM [Report This]

....Not gonna lie, I bawled like a baby.

I really like Sungjong, even though he's the youngest he really knows how to take charge and make people understand.

Sunggyu is right, how are they supposed to survive if they can kill as they please now? Jerks.

I feel so bad.. Atleast Sungyeol was so peaceful keeping everyone calm, instead of freaking out and increasing the panic.

This story is amazing. Thank you again for sharing it. And like I said earlier, please continue it! XD
Author's Response: I was crying writing, lol. Now I feel so guilt when I see his precious lanky self showing off his gorgeous gummy smile. I hope he forgives me haha! Sungjong is quickly becoming my favorite baby maknae because of this story. Is that narcissistic lol? He's just the one that knows the game best of the seven... six wEEPS. Leader Gyu, man. He's so... I don't really know if there is a word for him in the English language ;~; I'm glad you're enjoying it. I hope you aren't angry with what happens next lol. I feel so bad making my bias a bad guy (wait know that AB Bad Boy isn't my bias what) but its for the sake of the story. Keep reading!!! I'll hopefully have the third chapter up tomorrow or Monday.

JumpIntoMyCore reviewed Year Three - Infinite - Chapter One on Jul 21, 2013 02:40 AM [Report This]

Ohhwahh. This is so interesting, and amazingly written!

I feel so bad for them all waking up and finding themselves the next victims. Thank goodness they have a leader like Sunggyu, making sure they are all there and looking at the positive, letting them know he won't let anything happen to them.
But they also need to look at the negative, like Woohyun.

O: MBLAQ! No! Those poor babies. *shakes fist at the makers of the new running man* Who do they think they are.

NO! Sungyeol!! NO! Why already? Why him!? I don't want it to be anyone else, but still! NOOOOOO!

Ok, so, this was an amazing start, and I hope you keep going with this story! Thank you for sharing it.
Author's Response: I AM GOING TO DO MBLAQ WHEN I FINISH INFINITE. It's going to be so hard omgosh. But I'm really proud of the way I worked it all out.
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