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cahaya reviewed A Night on Dec 28, 2013 01:35 AM [Report This]

well written sad and full with emotions ...
love the storyline ...the flow nicely done and really really heartbreaking ... :(
Author's Response: Thank you for reviewing again, cahaya :)

Dreamy Luna reviewed A Night on Aug 02, 2013 08:29 AM [Report This]

This was beautifully written, Cherry! I could feel the emotions. The atmosphere was sad and heavy. I love stories that focus on emotions and not dialogue. Props to you! =) Keep up the good work!
Author's Response: I like stories that focus on emotions too and I find that writing stories like that help me deal with my emotions :) Thank you for reading and reviewing, Annie ^^ It makes me happy.

Christine reviewed A Night on May 25, 2013 09:05 AM [Report This]

Awwwww this drabble was so sad omg!!!!
Good job Cherry!!!!!!!!!!
Keep on writing bb
Author's Response: Thank you Chri :) It means a lot coming from you ^^

JumpIntoMyCore reviewed A Night on May 24, 2013 09:26 PM [Report This]

Ok, first, this was AMAZING.
I agree with Kristy, why don't you write? You have an amazing writing style and great potential! You capture things in this that I could never dream of capturing in five stories! Any wayy. This truly was a great read!
Author's Response: AWW! Thank you for the compliments Ceil :) Maybe I'll write in the future when i get better at English, we'll see... Love you! Thank you for reviewing!

Kristy reviewed A Night on May 24, 2013 09:18 PM [Report This]


Tell me again- why don't you write?

Cherry, I think you'd be an amazing writer. This is just pure perfection. Your writing style is phenomenal- I'd be lucky to even write half as well as you did here. It was fabulous, breath-taking, and simply perfect. I could feel the emotions behind every sentence and almost felt like stabbing Toma with a plastic fork (even though I love him). The ending was just the cherry on the cake (no pun intended!) as it gave a simple, yet striking metaphor. You get 10 million gold stars.
Author's Response: Thank you Kristy xD And I don't really write 'cause it's too much work and pressure... It takes me longer to write and I can't the words I want to say. But it makes me happy you liked it. *hugs* You get a million and one gold stars for reviewing ^^ *hearts*

Kumohime reviewed A Night on May 24, 2013 01:07 PM [Report This]

Ok, so I'll be second in everything. Second to read and second to review!
You already know what I think and that I loved it.
I don't write long reviews, not a person of many words ironically but I loved how it was written and how much it said in so few words.
And really Cherry I didn't do much, the story was pretty much perfect when I read it xD
Author's Response: AWW!!! *huggles* Thank you so much Hime! And you did do a lot... I'm actually hoping you'll let me 'use' you again in the future :D Sounds a bit dirty, does't it? I'm happy you like it :3 it makes me all giddy inside... And btw, you were the first one to beta my story *wink* ;) LOVE YOU!

Anna Clair reviewed A Night on May 24, 2013 06:53 AM [Report This]

Like a tiny little punch to the gut is how I took your end note *sigh*

dont get me wrong! It wasn't in a bad way at all but its that type of punch in the gut where I get really happy about being so lucky to have so many amazing friends in my life. It's the type of punch that's like 'stop being a loser and be happy you've made such awesome friends in your life!'

ahh this sounds sappy doesn't gets sappier ^.- of course it's Lilli writing this review.

I'm really really lucky to have made friends with you Cherry. If I don't talk to you a little bit every once in a while I start to get antsy and worried like 'I hope Cherry's doing okay' and 'ah I miss Cherry! I wonder what's going on in her life' even if we just have messages back and forth :) I love talking to you :D *VIRTUAL HUGS*

okay now lets move onto the real review okay?

AHHH OMG FIRST OF ALL LETS JUST SAY BEETCHES I'M CHERRY'S FIRST REVIEW EVAR. though technically Hime has beat me by beta standards as she's reviewed this but technically I read this a year ago so HAHAHA.

sorry I get happy about really small things like this :3 but I'm really happy I'm able to be the first official reviewer on this story.

Secondly about the actual story, I loved it a year ago. I love it now. I'm scared I'll sound repetitive but I'll repeat myself anyways because you're worth it and I want to put my thoughts down again.

The entire narrative from Toma's point of view was beautifully structured. From his memory of her on the couch to the way they spoke back and forth but never actually showing the words exchanged. He apologized and she threw his words back at him but what was said it was really interesting that you wrote it in such a way that it kinda made me realize that it doesn't matter what was said. That's filler for the emotion behind the words. Its more about what was meant...and what wasn't by Toma's actions.

And yet you read the I'm sorry...I love you just a bit later. It's the ultimate way of showing that this time his words are aligned with emotion? (Sorry I'm writing this when I'm on like minimal sleep so my analysis might not be correct)

Overall, I think the lack of verbal dialogue actually helps emphasize what was left unsaid in the drabble and this helped me enjoy it that much more now that I noticed it.

As an angst-addict I must admit I absolutely freaking loved it...even if I never really know what he did cheat on her, murder her best friend, steal her tax money from the kitchen counter -> the sadness and depth of emotion was there and that was what mattered in making me love this story :)

I maintain that I think you should write a lot more when you get the chance because you're amazing at it :) and I'm really glad you put this up because now other people can know how amazing you are too (SAM AND GRACE ARE WAITING FOR YOU! Please tell me I remembered their names correctly T.T)

P.S. Thank you Hime as well!

P.P.S I'm going to say this was the thing you two were talking about that day on chatango XD Love the poster!

Love you,

Author's Response: I'M SO LUCKY TO BE YOUR FRIEND! You're so great and you always cheer me up but you can talk seriously with me too. So thank you very very very much. ^^ You're the first person ever to read my stories and your the first person to review too :D you're very special! You're also the first person ever to encourage me to write. *gives virtual hugs back* And I'm pretty sure your analysis is correct xD It's about what the reader sees anyways, isn't it? I am so happy you liked it! (and yes, you remembered Sam and Grace correctly) I didn't want to tell you that i posted this until it had been validated and then you noticed it before I had a chance to tell you! I love you lots Lillith! *hugs very tightly once more*
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