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Eyeslikeatoms reviewed We're Stupid. on Oct 06, 2013 06:10 PM [Report This]

Somehow I get a post apocalyptic feel. People trying to survive and forming their own groups xD I think it is very interesting to see how things evolve and what happens. They create their only little drama and the tension is very intriguing. I wonder if the person He is after knows s/he is the one. Okay, next chapter awaits *sends lots of love*
Author's Response: Ohh I'd be horrible at a post apocalyptic story. XD It's very easy to create drama and tension in a situation like that, huh? I hope we're doing a good job in evolving things. ^^ You'll find out the answer to your last question in one of these chapters actually, it's good that you asked that. thank you for the review, and the love. XD *sends love back*

Eyeslikeatoms reviewed His Idea Of Fun. on Oct 06, 2013 05:59 PM [Report This]

I somehow can't imagine Pi not being the leader. Like... how can he shut up?
And more bad things happening T.T bad things are scary. I forbid you from making me have nightmares. Do you understand me?
Author's Response: XD That's kind of what makes him a good leader isn't it? They need someone who can talk and know how to word things. Sorry! I don't want to give you nightmares. but things get a little worse, so prepare yourself, and don't read before you go to bed. XD Thank you for the review, and I'll move onto your others. It really means a lot that you're reading and reviewing, thank you again. *huggles*

Kumohime reviewed A Hint. on Oct 04, 2013 12:31 AM [Report This]

Mhh, there is a lot of speculation going on... then again, there isn't much they can do other than speculate, I guess.

"But for now, we all also need to savor the importance of sleep." Hime said" yep, cut the yap :P hahahaha

Who is outside??? the only person who can talk sense into him/her?? Mmhh by all the glaring it could be Ceil.

Noooo, you did NOT end the chapter here!! Unless you mean to update soon... like in the next 5 minutes...

I want to knoowww!! hahah

Awesome update XD
Author's Response: Yep, that's all they can do for now, until someone slaps them. XD I thought that might be something you would say if everyone was getting on your nerves. It's polite but lets them know to shut up. Ceil isn't the only one that glares!! XD I will admit though, she is the person with the most attitude. I did! Muahahahahahah! I will update soon though, like really soon, so don't worry. I'm glad you liked this update, and thank you for the review! *huggles*

ichigoyamada reviewed A Hint. on Oct 03, 2013 01:42 AM [Report This]

O: I'm more curious!!! xD Lots of questions now playing in my head xD Like, who is the person that belongs to that creepy voice? who are those 2 people that woke up in the middle of night? why does Ceil always sound like a mad man xD? what will happen with those people?

Thanks for updated Ceil :D You should update soon! xD *hearts & huggles*

(ps: Haruma, Henry & Ryo conversation about "gay" thing made me laughed xD)
Author's Response: Yay for curiosity!! Questions are good. You'll find out who belongs to the man, maybe sooner than you think. *dramatic music* Yes, who were those two people? And will you see them again? XD Sorry. Anyhoodles, how did Ceil sound like a mad man this time!? I thought she was pretty calm in this chapter. XD Don't worry, I'll update real soon, I'm a little excited to share my next chapter, I hope you'll like it. And yes my little hummer buffers always work, huh? Those three cuties, *pinches their cheeks* Thank you for the review! I really appreciate it!

ichigoyamada reviewed All We Have Is Hope. on Sep 30, 2013 12:40 AM [Report This]

Argh! Too short!!! xD Okay, just kidding xD It's better short than nothing xD

Tegoshi misses Hime already xD hahaha xD So CLINGY!!! xD

Ceil keeps snapping & yelling xD What's wrong with her? Is she hungry? xDD

Thank you for updated it :D You should update soon!!! xD *kitten eyes* *hearts & huggles*
Author's Response: You're so cute. *huggles* Yes! such a little clingy puppy. XD You'll find out why he's like that though, soon too. You'll find out why Ceil snaps and is always so angry too. XD And it isn't because she's hungry. Sorry it took a little longer for me to reply to your review, I've been off my game lately. Thank you for the review though! *huggles real tight*

Kumohime reviewed All We Have Is Hope. on Sep 28, 2013 06:47 PM [Report This]

I don't mind guys being clingy it the guy is Tegoshi xP hahahah
So it might be a relative... Whoooo????
Have I told you I love this story? I love this story!
Author's Response: XD You'll find out why Tegoshi is so clingy soon too. Yep, lets hope they're right, like I said before. Or I might get all dramatic again. I'm so glad you love it! *happy face* Thank you for saying that, and for reviewing. *huggles real tight*

Kristy reviewed A Leaders Qualities. on Sep 28, 2013 06:26 PM [Report This]

Oh ho ho ho, our leaders are forming our group! Nice selection, too. :3 That leaves me and Henry free to be together.... *devious planning*

At the very least, I'm happy that they're all planning to get along now. The fighting was getting old, guys *flips hair* Let's all be mature people. XD
Author's Response: Lets hope they succeed you know? Hope things don't blow up in their faces. xD Don't be plotting things without me! Yeah, the fighting should stop, lets just beat them all up.... XD Just kidding. Thank you for the review!

Kristy reviewed Someone To Trust. on Sep 28, 2013 06:14 PM [Report This]

OH NO CEIL DON'T GET ANGRY. *pats back* Calm down and don't blow up! But I'd never not be your friend, so I got your back. /assume Kristy Fighting Stance

Holy flying fudge, a love triangle between Massu, Haruma, and Henry. (I may or may not be slightly jealous but that is okay with me) But it's okay, because Henry can love me. And Massu. Polygamous relationships as appropriated into alternative lifestyles are now acceptable in modern society. *nods*

Author's Response: Yay for never not being my friend! Because I would never not be your friend too. XD There will be a lot of love triangles.. it might get a little confusing, so hang in there. XD There will be a lot of sexual tension as well..... I have a lot planned for this story before I wrap it up.... And Ryo is gay, who knows about Koyama. muahahahaha! Anyhoodles about your whole polygamy comment, I'm gonna' have to say, things will work out, you'll just have to wait and see. Thank you for the review! *hearts*

Kristy reviewed The Tapestry. on Sep 28, 2013 04:28 PM [Report This]

Ahahaha, Henry's thinking smart, trying to find a bathroom... That little sweetie, he's so caring *pats*. And Haruma! Talking about all the good looking people in a group, he better bring me along too >.> I'm just kidding, of course. Though I had a good laugh!

Poor Massu, being disliked by Haruma and having to pee in front of him too! But boys are different *flips hair* so they can get used to it.

Uh-oh! Henry and Heechul know what's up? And it seems that Pi is trying to figure it out, as well. This is making me curious about the R on the tapestry! I guess I'll have to go to the next chapter to find out.
Author's Response: People have to potty, you know? XD Of course he took you, you're one of the good looking ones. XD I'm glad you find my humor buffers funny, if not, I'd probably cry. Just kidding.^^ But I am glad you like them. You don't know how hard it is to not tell you what happens! Ugh, like really! Thank you for the review though, they always mean a lot, and I look forward to your next ones.^^ *hearts and huggles*

Kumohime reviewed A Family Symbol? on Sep 26, 2013 04:04 PM [Report This]

So, now they are thinking it has something to do with a family name... Although if it's old kanji it wouln't really be an R just look like it, right? Mmmhh intriguing.

Massu, so negative. Although he might be right, not every house has a secret passage.

I'm getting more and more confused and I can't wait to see what happens!!
Author's Response: Lets hope they are close in their reasoning's, cause if not, they have to start back square one, and they'll never get out! *wails* Ok, I'm being dramatic.... but still. XD Massu is our little negative bird in the story, he pulls it off pretty well, huh? Ugh! I don't want to make you confused! *sad face* Hopefully with the next chapters it'll be all cleared up. And in case you don't see it, I just updated. XD Thank you for the review, they always mean a lot! *hearts*
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