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ichigoyamada reviewed It's Me. on Jan 22, 2014 06:59 AM [Report This]

WHO IS THAT MAN????!!!!!
TELL ME!!!!!!!!!!

sorry for that caps lock xD

You should update it soon! Like real soon!!! Tomorrow! I want it tomorrow!!! xD

Ignore that xD but, seriously, please update it soon, I'm curious >< *kitten eyes*

Anyway, thank you for updated it :D *huggles & hearts*
Author's Response: You'll actually get to meet that man, very soon. XD And you'll find out who he wants too, so don't worry, it's all falling into place. Don't apologize for the caps lock, it makes me happy, it makes me feel like you're excited about this story. XD But, I've almost got the next chapter done, so there should be another update, it just might not be as soon as you hope. *ducks for cover* Thank you for the review! It made me smile.^^ *huggles back*

Kumohime reviewed It's Me. on Jan 20, 2014 09:27 PM [Report This]


Okay, so Ryo knows Massu likes him?? But he is too scared? aawww. What did Koki do?? he scared Ryo? How? Why??

Tegoshi is so cute in this story!! and yes, not as clueless as he seems.

Mmhh, like I said it is very suspicious that they looked for Massu and Henry to ask those things... my money is still on Kristy being the one the voice is looking for *nods*

then again I might be completely wrong hahah

Good update!! Please update soon *sad puppy eyes* I want to know who it is and what will happen to Massu and Ryo and I want more TegoHime (hehehe)

Please please *sad kitty eyes*
Author's Response: Ryo notices when people have feelings for him, but he pretends he doesn't, so he could know how Massu feels. Koki attacked Ryo, but I'll go more into detail about that in the next chapter. Tegoshi is adorable, huh? XD I think you'll find him more adorable in the next chapter too. *hint hint* But, remember, Koyama and the others don't know who the person is, so they could just be calling Massu out because he's the most annoying. XD I'm glad you liked this update. And, I have the next update worked out in my head, even though I haven't put anything down on paper yet *dodges rock* But, seriously, thank you for the review! *hearts*

ichigoyamada reviewed You're wrong. on Dec 04, 2013 03:38 AM [Report This]

After 1 month, you've finally updated it, and you gave me a short update?! D: *cries*

But it's better than nothing :D so I forgive you *hearts*

I love you too and I enjoyed this chapter :) so, please update soon 'kay? Thank you and *huggles*
Author's Response: Yes! I'm sorry. Ive not been a very good writer lately. I'm glad you enjoyed this chapter! *huggles real tight* Thank you for the review, and I hope to update soon, hopefully this one won't take a month. XD

Uniquemikoto reviewed You're wrong. on Dec 02, 2013 06:32 PM [Report This]

Hahahahaha xD I love how random people names come in an awkward(?) moment xD
anywaay, you finally updated!! ~ the update that I longed for xD
Please update soon =3=
Thank you for this chapter~
Author's Response: Yay! Thank you for reviewing! *hearts* Yep, names just pop up in the worst situations to make them even worse. Muahahahaha! Anyhoodles, I'm sorry this update wasn't the greatest after the other two chapters. I promise the others will be better though! Please look forward to them, and thank you again! *huggles*

Kristy reviewed A Family Symbol? on Dec 01, 2013 04:32 AM [Report This]

Dang it, in my last review, it cut off the rest of my words because I may or may not have accidentally put in a little heart.... *grins* I didn't say much that was worth reading, anyways. :P

Oh yeah, I remember what I said- something about sitting on guys laps and me saying "Touche"? Looks like a little jabberjay picked up on my little catchphrase! I suppose I say it often enough for you to catch on, anyways XD (And the laps part- yes, sitting on males are typically more comfortable than sitting on couches. Proven and effective. I suppose females would be the same, but I've never tried! XD)

And to the new review, we go:

Ryo is such a little bossypants! And the rest of them are just going to follow what he's saying? Geez. :P I don't like it! But since he's Cherry's friend *rolls eyes in frustration* I suppose I'll have to get used to him. *le heave of thy heavy sigh*

Look at them go! Family symbol, crest, etc. is going to help them understand more of what they're dealing with! I suppose Ryo is smart about something- I say that we keep him around. Funny thing is that "Ryo" starts with a "R".... *thinks hard*

"'He's protective by nature,' Snow smiled. 'Once he'd met you, he's risk his life for you.'" OH DON'T EVEN. This little nugget was threatening to bale on us last chapter. Eyyy, don't think I've have forgotten for one. single. second.

Look at Ceil growing a spine! Declaring her un-dollness state and everything, she's such a rebel! You know, with all of these search groups wandering this house, it has to make me question- how big is this place really, and is it bigger on the inside than it is on the outside? Like magic? Hm....

With that pondering thought, I'm off to the next chapter. Hopefully, we'll find out more about the mysterious family crest! O_o
Author's Response: Jabberjay? xD Yes, I thought I'd throw that "touche" in there, since i like to add stuff that can make the characters relate-able as possible. Maybe I'm weird, but I don't like sitting on guys laps, I think it's weird, but I've let plenty of my boyfriends sit on my lap, and aside from the fact that it should be the other way around, they said it was comfortable. XD I think you got confused again, cause' it was Pi being bossy again, and he's cherry's friend, not Ryo. I say we keep Ryo around too. XD Koyama was actually going to take that man/thing on so that everyone could get out safely, so in a sense he was protecting them all. The house is MUCH bigger on the inside than on the outside. Plus, one search group is upstairs and one is down, so that helps too. Anyhoodles, I look forward to your next reviews and thank you for this review. *hearts*

Kristy reviewed What Happens Now? on Dec 01, 2013 04:21 AM [Report This]

*LE GASP* Koyama's going it alone? Is he insane? Did Hime spike his drinks again? Oh, whew. Ryo stopped him. You know, all this skinship makes me question whether a yaoi couple is forming or not *wiggles eyebrows like a monsieur* I mean, you gotta add in the bl love. It's necessary for Kristy's survival. (NO LOL JUST KIDDING)

WTF Why am I always the one he wants? And why do I have to be sheltered like a little poodle *pouts* I can kick ass, you know. Not TOTALLY incapacitated from destroying a person. But let's get real- I'd probably do the most damage out of this group. Well, only if you threaten my bby No. 1 or bby No. 2.

That creepy guy is talking to Koyama again? Seriously. It's like the house has a microphone system rigged throughout all of the rooms. Makes me wonder if someone would just pull the plug, and all you'll find is a little person speaking through a voice distorter. (This is why I shouldn't leave comments at 12am, I go off on tangents that nobody even cares about XD)

AND THAT DRAMATIC SCENE WITH SNOW. Just take all of my feels, I can't handle anymore T.T Her confession to Koyama had my wee heart breaking in two! Probably the part where Koyama "reached out to touch her face" is when I went "Oh oh oh oh~" in real life.
Author's Response: when did Hime spike his drink!? Did she do it when no one but you was looking? There is yaoi in this story and it does develop. *wiggles eyebrows back* Just keep reading. XD Everyone just wants to protect everyone, I'm sure you could do some damage, the others could too, they are just playing it safe. XD I care about your rants! That one reminded me of the wizard of Oz where they pulled back the curtain and it was a little guy talking for the big head. Yes! I tried to write that scene as dramatic as I could! I'm glad you liked it, i thought i didnt do very well with it. Anyhoodles, thanks for the review! *huggles*

Kristy reviewed One life for twelve. on Dec 01, 2013 04:13 AM [Report This]

Well, lookie here, another review from yours truly. Let's see what I've missed so far...

God, Pi is such a jerk sometimes. Good for Cherry to put him in his place! Spoken like a true leader, that spirit is so needed! But Ryo's little blurb there had me cracking up- that's kinda how I treat my besties, so I can totally relate XD

AWWWW MASSU DOESN'T WANT TO PART FROM ME. IT'S OKAY BBY I DON'T WANT TO PART FROM YOU EITHER. And Ceil, are you seriously kidding me- the first thing on my mind when I'm stuck in a haunted house with Super Junior is "OH MY GOD I AM WITH SUPER JUNIOR. OH MY GOD."

Wait, why am I horrified and looking at Massu? Does that mean he's going to hurt my bby No. 1 or my bby No. 2? (Massu and Henry, in order XD) They/he sure as hell will not! And what is this nonsense about "sexual tension" between Henry and Haruma, or Henry and Zhoumi? Seriously, the only "sexual tension" can be between me and him. Word.

After I basically word-vomited into this review box, I'm off to the next one! Good job guys, and I really like the apology session here! It makes the story seem more... humane. Or as close to humane as one can get in a haunted house survival game!
Author's Response: Yay! Reviews! XD Yes Pi can be a bit of a jerk. i think you got your characters confused though, cause' it was Ceil who he was arguing with. Ryo is one of my little humor buffers. *huggles Ryo* Yes, Massu is very "I have to be by Kristy's side" you find out why later too. Massu is the one who got called out along with that's why you looked at him horrified. XD There is a bunch of sexual tension between a bunch of characters don't worry, you'll get your man. Thank you for the review! And I'll move onto your others now!

Kumohime reviewed You're wrong. on Dec 01, 2013 12:06 AM [Report This]

Yes! Too short!! I want to know what the heck is going on! hahah
But, seriously, thank you for the update xD
I'll be waiting to see what happens and what Koki has to do with anything.
Nice chapter! :D
Author's Response: You'll find out in the next chapters! I'll start working on them now. Thank you for the review! *hearts* Yes, please look forward to what happens next, and what Koki's role is in this, and Shige's too. In case you forgot about him. xD Anyhoodles, before I reveal anything to you, I'm going to say thank you again! *millions of hearts and huggles*

ichigoyamada reviewed Compare Injuries. on Oct 28, 2013 01:20 AM [Report This]

Finally! An update! xD Thank you :D

And, thanks god, they're fine! :D

Wait! Massu is a gay too... Really? O.O And he likes Ryo??? And he doesn't know that Ryo likes men? xD

You should update soon! Still curious >.< !!!
Author's Response: Sorry it took so long! The next one may take just as long, *ducks and hides* I seem to have hit a wall. Yes, theyre fine! For now. muahahahahahah! *cough* Anyhoodles, there has to be a gay couple right? XD With all these straight couples. But who knows who'll end up with who. XD Anyhoodels! Thank you for the review! *huggles real tight*

Eyeslikeatoms reviewed Search Parties and Stories. on Oct 07, 2013 04:33 PM [Report This]

This started kind of sweet. The everyone waking up and stuff. I wonder what Massu and Kristy have going on but I'm sure you'll reveal that sooner or later.

"Massu's face fell, "I don't usually reveal myself to strangers."
"Did we ask to see your penis?" Ryo laughed."
Lol xD

Oh oh... he's getting tired of it :S that cant be good.
Wait... Who are the people he spoke to? Ceil, Koyama, Snow and who??

UPDATE SOOON!!! Okay?? Okay.
Author's Response: YAY! Congrats on finally being up to date with this story! *Throws confetti* Sweet? Haruma was abused! XD Although he's abused a lot in this story.... poor guy. *hugs him* Mmhh, you'll get their story and the story of everyone else in that house (besides Snow, Pi, and Tegoshi since they already told theirs.) Please look forward to the others.^^ Ryo is one of my humor buffers, he does well, doesn't he? XD No that doesn't sound good at all, huh? *shakes fist at that man* He spoke with Ceil, Koyama, Snow, Kristy, Massu, and Henry. I'll update as soon as possible, don't worry. ^^ And thank you for the review. ^^
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