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ichigoyamada reviewed Cowards. on Aug 19, 2014 02:39 AM [Report This]

Finally!!!!! :D And it's longgggg! :D *likes it*
Anyway, it's a great chapter :D nice job Ceil :D
I'm waiting for new update :D
Thank you for update this story :D *huggles*
Author's Response: Thank you for the review! The next two chapters are probably going to be pretty long as well, (because they might be the last two) Anyway, thank you for reading! It means a lot! *hearts*

Kumohime reviewed Cowards. on Aug 18, 2014 01:17 AM [Report This]

Yeah, cause looking for pics of hot Asian guys is such an imposition! And I offered you dummy.
Awww Massu, now that he confessed to Ryo, of course he's Ok with Kristy and Henry Lol. And by the way, will Ryo ever answer?? Or are we all pretending it didn't happen??
Why aren't Snow and Koyama together? They are so cute.
Aaww Tegoshi saw her. A bit stalkerish but aww. Again with moving in; how about dating first or something (as the Hime in the story, I have commitment issues Lol)
So... what's next? There are a lot of lose ends!
Can't wait for the next update! Let me know and I'll help you kick that writer's block butt! XD
Very nice update!

I found a couple typing mistakes:

"At the risk of sounding like a fool;" wouldn't a comma be better?
"pry the boards of" boards off
"longer were in this house" we're
"reason as to why and I met?” you and I "else who entered in" isn't the in redundant? I would just say entered it.
"want to be with you whether were inside" we're
"person once were out of this house?” we're
"we found you one the floor-“ you on
Author's Response: Well still! Thank you, for being so awesome. You'll see what happens between those two soon. I had to separate them once more, because I didn't know who else to put Massu with. At least he didn't follow her! That'd be stalkerish. XD Well, I guess he figures, they already have the living together part down, since they've been stuck in a house for who knows how long. I'll tie those loose ends up! Don't worry. Thank you for reading! And showing me the mistakes, mahn, I made a lot, didn't I? XD Stupid writers block!
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