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Kumohime reviewed Alone. on May 19, 2014 05:25 PM [Report This]

You're welcome! And I remember I have to make one more ;)

“There are only two options I see; we all leave together, or we all go down together.”
“I don’t accept those options,” Massu.... I agree with Massu, they are a bunch of extremist! hahaha

“I’m not going to hit you; I just wish you’d understand more than just your own thoughts.” She sighed..... well seems to me that they are all doing the same with Massu and Ceil, none even tries to see things they do.... but then again that is usually the case with people, huh?

Lol, Tegoshi being annoying to be forgiven.

And birthmark? common, at least say it was a drunken tattoo, it would be more believable hahaha

Finally, Ceil is not snapping and being bitchy

Aaww, what's going to happen next?? Why is TegoHime separated!? :P
Seriously, I want to read the next chapter!

“I don’t need saved, nor do I want saved if it" shouldn't it be saving both times?

I saw a couple more... but I'm lazy ahahah and they were just little things I think ;)
Author's Response: You have one more to make? I don't remember, oh my gosh! My memory is failing me! Nooooo! Ok, I shouldn't reply when I first wake up. They're all nuts, is what they are. Yeah, nobody wants to listen to the most obvious way of getting out of there, especially since it's Massu and Ceil who are the ones that see it. I made Tegoshi such a child in this fic. XD Yeah Ceil doesn't come up with the best explanations. Thank you for pointing that out! I saw a few mistakes myself, but I'm being a little lazy, I'll get to correcting them, don't worry. XD I'll update as soon as possible, I hope it's better than this chapter, I'll work on what you told me earlier! *hearts and huggles*

ichigoyamada reviewed Alone. on May 19, 2014 07:51 AM [Report This]

OMG! I... is this story going to end soon? O:
I don't know what should I say (write) now
Finally Ceil show some emotions (LOL)
This is just... Can you update it soon? O: I want to know what will happen next! O:!!! UPDATE SOON PLEASE!!!!! *kitten eyes*
Author's Response: It may end soon, or it may go on FOREVER! And then you'll be 80 and still reading this story.... I'm sorry, I haven't slept yet.. XD This chapter take your words away? XD Yes, finally Ceil shows another side instead of being a sassy biatch. I'll update as soon as possible! Thank you for reading and reviewing. *huggles*
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