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ichigoyamada reviewed Simple Explanation. on May 07, 2014 05:39 AM [Report This]

OMG! Koyama!!! T.T
Please tell me he is still alive! T.T
O: I have a same question with Ryo too, How did Yamapi & Massu know about Ceil? O:
He kissed him! Massu kissed Ryo! O:! And Ceil's ran away... LOL
Okay, I've said this before, let me say it again xD, this is a great chapter, and I'm glad I could help you :D (I love you too *hearts*)
Update it soon, pretty please, *kitten eyes*
Author's Response: I can't! You'll find out soon enough whether he's alive or not. Well actually he asked how Ceil and Massu how they knew it was her, because he and Pi found out together, or so he thinks. *dundundun* Yes! Finally a kiss in this story, right! It's about freakin' time some romance happened. XD Even though that was not the time, and Massu only did it as a distraction, but hey! It's good enough for now. XD Yep, Ceil ran away *shakes fist at her* why does she have to complicate everything? Anyhoodles, I really am so glad you liked this chapter! I'll update it as soon as possible. *hearts and huggles*

Kristy reviewed Simple Explanation. on Apr 18, 2014 05:18 AM [Report This]

Someone bumped into Ceil? Wait, I thought she was alone with Massu. That's like 100% creepy, doll! What if it's like a ghost or something that can see in the dark... *shivers*

I hope Haruma's not straining himself :/ And what is Ceil planning? To be honest, she's the one who's seeming a bit suspicious as of recent. I dunno, maybe it's just me?

WAIT WHAT JUST WENT DOWN. Koyama's dead? No, he was just alive! Ryo, don't you dare lie to me. Or punch Massu. Because even though he doesn't play for my team, he's still my property! *gives evil glare*

And wait, Massu kissed Ryo?!?!? YAY! That was cute. But Ceil really does seem suspicious. I wouldn't be surprised if she turned out to be the liar in this troupe. Hm... We'll see in the next chapter.

You know what just happened? I clicked the next button and nothing happened. This is a problem. We need to remedy this. How? By a new update!! Seriously, I hope you update soon :)
Author's Response: Nope not a ghost, just a very angry Ryo. That's just as scary though. *nods* Haruma needs to man up! Just kidding, he needs to chill out with all the movement, what if he breaks a hip? Kidding again, he's not old. XD Koyama did just get trapped, remember? Maybe they're all just assuming he's dead, or maybe not. *mysterious face* Pi hit Massu too, and I should warn you that he gets hit a few more times. I think I should let you know, just to clear up the confusion, that it's Ceil that's wanted by that man, that's why she acts the way she does. XD Don't worry I'm working on an update now! I will hopefully have it done soon. Thank you for this review, and getting caught up with the story! It probably wasn't easy, huh? Thank you again! *millions of huggles*

Kumohime reviewed Simple Explanation. on Apr 10, 2014 02:20 PM [Report This]

Love you too! And you put up with a lot of my whining too xD
Poor Snow! :(
Is Koyama really dead?? I won't believe it until I see a body, period. :P
People have to stop hitting Massu. And aww, now Ryo is mad at him.
Way to go Massu, hitting two birds with one stone, distracting them and kissing Ryo at the same time hahah
Ok, what's next? Update soon! pretty please :))
Author's Response: Yay! We're here to listen to each other whine. XD I know, poor Snow, let's see how she continues to deal with losing Koyama. muahahahah. I think I should tell you, he gets hit like two more times. XD But that's the only spoiler I'm giving you! Best distraction ever, right? I'll update as soon as possible. Thank you for the review! *huggles*
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