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Kristy reviewed Nothing Else Can Be Done. on Apr 18, 2014 05:09 AM [Report This]

Who's the she? And the he? Is it Henry and Ceil? *gives suspicious face*

"The girls are useful"

Excuse me? I am extraordinarily useful. And so are all of the other girls. Seriously, don't need to label us as objects, boys! *gives another suspicious face*

Though I found it cute that they're planning on waking everyone by being loud- it's true, I do lash out when I'm tired or just have woken up. Maybe a kick, or a punch... Or even with my hidden dagger (kidding, again). And you just have to love how Ceil pops up at the most random times- she always end up scaring the boys when it's their mission to scare the girls!

Aw, Haruma, you shouldn't ever give up on love! There's someone out there for you. Okay, maybe not, since there's an odd number of us, but HEY! Maybe you'll end up with Zhoumi! Or Heechul! See, look at this amazing potential to fall in love :3

And the smarties are splitting up again. I thought they learned last time with the smashing door that splitting up wasn't a good idea! Like raiding Russia in the wintertime- they'll never win without using their brains.

LOOK AT THAT. Don't say that I didn't warn you- I was the smart one and told you that walking in basements without light is a bad idea. Though the collapsed cave gives a nice tough for hero-Massu to go save Koyama in a dramatic moment!

And what's this about giving up? Never give up! You got to keep going and I'm sure everything will work out in the end~~
Author's Response: You'll find out who they are soon. They're stuck on the whole "girls are weaker than boys" mentality! *glares at them* Thats what Haruma does, he yells to wake everyone up, but since he can't move, they have to do it themselves. XD That's Ceil's favorite thing to do, show up at random times and scare people, ok, maybe not, but still. (And having a hidden dagger would be so cool!) Just throw a random Zhou Mi in their so Haruma won't be lonely. XD Nope, they still haven't learned, and in the next chapters, they get even dumber. XD Massu isn't giving up necessarily, he's just going to hand Ceil over is all. XD I'm almost to your last review! *does happy dance* And then maybe I'll finally be able to sleep. XD *crosses fingers*

Kumohime reviewed Nothing Else Can Be Done. on Apr 10, 2014 01:59 PM [Report This]

Finally I have some time to comment!! Sorry it took so long xD
"then we’ll re group in the room" I think there is a typo there :)
Why are they so afraid of of waking ppl up? Facing a disembodied voice, sure. Waking ppl up, no way! that shit is scary! hahahah
It is a little weird that Haruma is scared of... but those couples won't be together??? hahaha. Well, first they have to get out of there... and I don't trust you :P hehe
we it quickly.” Massu said. ----> typo (I'm pointing them out cause I told you I would xD )
See?? I was right not to trust you, you buried Koyama!!
Ok, time for the next chapter...
Author's Response: Review whenever you can, I'm just happy to get them. XD You know what, don't ask me, maybe people they have to be around all the time are scarier than a voice they all hear every once in a while? I've had people scared to wake me up, and I'm a very pleasant person! XD Haruma in general is weird, he holds a lot of secrets, and holds his feeling in too much, tsk tsk. You don't think I'll let them escape? I'm offended! Ok, not really. XD You should still trust me though! Even if I burried Koyama, I did promise a happy ending, remember? Anyhoodles, thank you for pointing out the typos, and thank you for the review! It means a lott!

ichigoyamada reviewed Nothing Else Can Be Done. on Mar 05, 2014 06:25 AM [Report This]

O.O Koyama~~~ OMG!

Is Ceil the person that belong to that voice??????

And what will Massu do? O.O

I'm curious >< I'm wondering if I could sleep tonight xD LOL Just kidding xD

Anyway, great update! You should update it :D Thanks for this update :D *huggles*
Author's Response: I know, why did it have to be Koyama! Curse you voice without a face man! Yeah, it's Ceil. XD You finally know who it is! Could you have guessed it was her? Who knows what Massu will do, he's a little bit unpredictable. You won't be able to sleep because you're so curious? That's cute. XD Thank you! I'm glad you liked this update, and thank you for the review! *huggles back* I'll update as soon as I can.
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