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Kristy reviewed Move In With Me. on Apr 18, 2014 05:01 AM [Report This]

Hime (and Ceil and Snow), the poster looks fabulous! Considering that you've not been on Photoshop for long, your artistic skills really have developed a lot. It looks super dark and mysterious, and the quote is awesome! Kind of reminds me of the Goosebumps covers; the ones with the green slime? Makes my skin crawl *shivers*

And onto the story- got to love frank Tegoshi; and I was just saying how we should develop the Hime X Tegoshi romance line! Saile on the Himeship? You get it? Hime and Tegoshi and ship mashed together...?

And congrats for Massu for coming out the closet! (No really, this whole yaoi line makes me/my character feel a lot better about ditching him) And I do feel bad for him about his past with Shige. Makes a lot more sense now, about Massu's fixation with sunrises. Though I did note how Pi was asking Massu a few questions of his own... Curious, aren't you, Pi? And I wonder why... *heavy sarcasm noted*

Poor Koyama and his failed relationship! Glad that he got help, though. In a way, both he and Snow were saved by their relationship. It's kind of the actual definition of mutual friendship, right? Though it's not romantic (yet), we can only hope!

Ryo's not-so-subtle-confession-that-was-about-his-ex was pretty dang obvious, hon. Though it makes more sense about his background, coming from a different life.

And I noticed that Cherry hasn't been talking a lot! Glad to get more conversation from her :)

I think you're really smart to bring in a relationship between you and Henry. Only because I'd probably kill any other female with a past with my baby. (Kidding, of course, I'm not THAT violent!) But even still- I feel jealous. Oooh, so jealous.
Author's Response: Hime did do great with the poster, and the banner, right? She's so amazing with darker themed things. I remember those! I used to read them all the time. XD All aboard the TegoHime! XD That's my way of saying I understand what you meant.... Yes, *claps for Massu* About time he came out of the closet (excluding his confession to Haruma and Kristy) Someone has to be curious right? Ceil isn't asking the questions, someone has to. XD Koyama and Snow remain friends because well.. he's too old for her, and my protective sister instincts are kicking in. XD Massu and Ryo had totally opposite experiences, huh? I know, I don;t have her talk much, but it's hard developing so many characters! XD But, she talks more later, you'll see.^^ Awee, don't be jealous, Ceil and Henry never dated, so don't worry, I'm not that stupid. You'll see what happened between those two soon too. Anyhoodles thank you for this review! And sorry for another long reply! *huggles*

ichigoyamada reviewed Move In With Me. on Feb 03, 2014 06:20 AM [Report This]

Wait! Hold on! You didn't reveal who was the man that belong to that creepy voice! D: Why??? D:

Anyway, this is a great chapter! Finally we know their past and poor Tegoshi T.T Hime shut him down T.T (Hime if you didn't want him, give him to me! :p) *coughs Ignore that xD

Thank your for this update :D You should update it soon! I want to know who is that person *pouts*

So, update it soon, okay :D *kitten eyes*
Author's Response: Just to annoy all the readers! muahahaha! No, I'm just kidding, I didn't reveal who it was, because I'm going to reveal it in a much better way later on don't worry, you'll find out soon. I'm glad you liked this chapter! I was hoping it wasn't too boring or confusing. Yep, Hime is so stubborn, but she'll lighten up to him, and I have a feeling she won't give him up so easily. XD I'll update as soon as possible. Thank you for this review! *huggles tight*

Kumohime reviewed Move In With Me. on Feb 02, 2014 02:31 AM [Report This]

Aaaww, I'm happy you liked them xD and anytime ; )

Now time to read!

:O move in with him?? Isn't that a little too soon?? I have to agree with Massu, he could have done it in private, at least. But I have to say, he is really cute in this fic, like a kid, he likes her and he is alone, so he comes up with a straight forward and simple solution.

Aaaww, poor Massu. Although it makes you wonder why Shige left. Apparently he leaves people, first Massu, then Tegoshi. Shige is a very mysterious character, even if he's not there.

there was a collective “awe” around the room. ----> hahahhahahahah

You, in a tank top, and wearing eyeliner? That would have been quite a sight LOL I would have to agree, quite a sight hehe

The way Cherry met Pi and Ceil... how old are they, again? hahhaha

Man, is Hime stubborn, huh? Well, maybe it's good that Tegoshi is so pushy hhahah

So Ceil left Henry... why won't she say anything?

And may I point out you skipped the part where the person confessed??? That is not fair. I want to know who it is! hhahaha

I liked the chapter, we find out about most of them. There were a couple of things:
said no after first ----> at first?
and his in pain ---->shouldn't it be hissed in pain?

I want more! Pretty please? xDDD
Author's Response: Nah, you never know when they'll escape that house, they could be stuck in there for years! XD I'm glad you think his character is cute.^^ See? I'm not always mean to him. He left because he's bad.XD Nah, I'm just kidding, maybe he left for the same reasons Ceil left? Koyama could pull that look off, *imagines Koyama dressed like that* *cough* sorry.. They're like 10? Just kidding they're just really adventurous, and maybe a little stupid. The stubborn ones do need someone pushy, or they'll never do anything out of their comfort zone. Cause Ceil is always so grumpy, there has to be a mood ruin-er some where in there doesn't there? And this time I decided to be nice to Massu and not make it him. You'll find out who it is, and soon too.... or not. muahahahaha! Thank you for pointing those out! I was in a hurry to get it finished and update I'll fix them.^^ And thank you for this review! *huggles real tight*
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