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Kristy reviewed It's Me. on Apr 18, 2014 04:48 AM [Report This]

Uh-oh, we've got some (friendly) competition between the guys over a silly misunderstanding.

And Massu's the one throwing up? Henry's in pain? Wait, where am I? What's going on? And why is Ryo hurting Henry? I'm sad now, my babies are sad and hurt.

Tegoshi really is just like a little kid! Pouting and asking if he's clueless; no wonder why Hime really likes him. I feel like you've given her a motherly, maternal feel in this story which really blends well with Tegoshi's childish character. I'm sure that a lot more could have been said about their relationship, but not much has developed yet! I'm still waiting for a Hime X Tegoshi kiss to break out!!!

I know everyone's trying desperately to find out who the culprit is, but I feel like they're going about it the wrong way. They should be non-confrontational and keep an open mind!!!

Ryo's admittance of his feelings really shows his own maturity. It's alright to be scared- we all are, sometimes. But you know, you just got to fight back harder? You can't give up- there's people out there (AKA MASSU!) who are waiting for you to give them a sign, any sign, that someone's still in there and is responsive. And that, ladies and gentlemen, was Kristy's motivational speech of the day.

Over and out. See you in the next chappe!!

(But no seriously, who is that guy that the mystery man wants? I guess I'll have to find out...!)
Author's Response: Haruma is just being a prat and trying to push Ryo. Stupid head Haruma. Massu is throwing up because he was upset, and Ryo is squeezing Henry's hand a little too hard because of the name that was just mentioned. It's all just one big crazy mess. I'm glad you think I mend their characters well, because so far the TegoHime couple is the only one I've been doing remotely well at developing. They do everything wrong in that house, let's hope sooner or later they learn. He'll get over Koki sooner or later, with a certain persons help' like you said. XD You saying over and out reminded me of walkie talkies.... mahn I'm old. Moving on to the next review! XD

ichigoyamada reviewed It's Me. on Jan 22, 2014 06:59 AM [Report This]

WHO IS THAT MAN????!!!!!
TELL ME!!!!!!!!!!

sorry for that caps lock xD

You should update it soon! Like real soon!!! Tomorrow! I want it tomorrow!!! xD

Ignore that xD but, seriously, please update it soon, I'm curious >< *kitten eyes*

Anyway, thank you for updated it :D *huggles & hearts*
Author's Response: You'll actually get to meet that man, very soon. XD And you'll find out who he wants too, so don't worry, it's all falling into place. Don't apologize for the caps lock, it makes me happy, it makes me feel like you're excited about this story. XD But, I've almost got the next chapter done, so there should be another update, it just might not be as soon as you hope. *ducks for cover* Thank you for the review! It made me smile.^^ *huggles back*

Kumohime reviewed It's Me. on Jan 20, 2014 09:27 PM [Report This]


Okay, so Ryo knows Massu likes him?? But he is too scared? aawww. What did Koki do?? he scared Ryo? How? Why??

Tegoshi is so cute in this story!! and yes, not as clueless as he seems.

Mmhh, like I said it is very suspicious that they looked for Massu and Henry to ask those things... my money is still on Kristy being the one the voice is looking for *nods*

then again I might be completely wrong hahah

Good update!! Please update soon *sad puppy eyes* I want to know who it is and what will happen to Massu and Ryo and I want more TegoHime (hehehe)

Please please *sad kitty eyes*
Author's Response: Ryo notices when people have feelings for him, but he pretends he doesn't, so he could know how Massu feels. Koki attacked Ryo, but I'll go more into detail about that in the next chapter. Tegoshi is adorable, huh? XD I think you'll find him more adorable in the next chapter too. *hint hint* But, remember, Koyama and the others don't know who the person is, so they could just be calling Massu out because he's the most annoying. XD I'm glad you liked this update. And, I have the next update worked out in my head, even though I haven't put anything down on paper yet *dodges rock* But, seriously, thank you for the review! *hearts*
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