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Kristy reviewed Compare Injuries. on Apr 18, 2014 04:34 AM [Report This]

Wait, I'm confused. So, I might be the spy?! Oh nooooo! This is bad news. I can't be the spy- I thought I was the good person. XD

Sad that Haruma and Pi are hurt. Though it's nice to see how much everyone is caring for them, you know? Worried about their health and all that. It shows how close the group has formed over the last few days! Though we still bicker, at least it's not cut-throat arguments anymore (minus Ceil's outburst yesterday, but we'll pretend like that never happened).

I'm sorry, but I am laughing to the grave and back about how *I* am the one to ask Henry if he was gay-

And look at our relationship finally forming! Glad to see some potential romance in the air; god knows how stagnant this oxygen is. Though that would mean Haruma and Massu would have their hearts broken.... Poor babies, I'll never be able to choose! If you were in this situation, who would YOU choose? Because this is your story, you'd better make the right decision! My romance life depends on it!!

The boys are now up and moving. Oh, I feel so relieved. I was hoping that they weren't permanently injured, or else that'd be a tragic ending. Though the comment about the 'attractive nurse' was hysterical! And now I go, feeling bad for laughing a bit...

:( He has a doorknob shaped bruise on his stomach. Poor baby!!!! T.T


Stop everything.

*inhales deeply*



No way! This is a perfect twist. I no longer feel bad for ditching him. He can go have Ryo all to himself and I can have Henry and we'll make beautiful babies and they'll adopt our beautiful babies and we'll form a giant family and it'll just be so beautiful. Seriously, this new twist has got me really, really excited!!!!!!
Author's Response: Nobody is a spy. XD I never thought to put one in this story, but I'll keep that in mind if I ever try to write a story like this again! Yes, it is sad though that people have to be hurt to see how much everyone actually cares about each other though. Tsk Tsk guys, be more open with your feelings! Ceil is a little snappy, huh? I'd say she probably has the most attitude, but there is a reason for that. I'm trying to form romantical relationships, but it isn't easy! Because Ive been spending most of my time forming friendships, and what that man is plotting, you know? Nah, don't feel bad, Haruma is my humor buffer, even when he's hurt, plus you have to admit, Henry would make a very attractive nurse. Yes, I'm finally developing the yaoi! Horribly, but it's developing! XD That would be one odd family you got there Kristy. XD And now I'm going to end this reply, because it's very long, and shouldn't get any longer. XD Thank you again! *huggles*

ichigoyamada reviewed Compare Injuries. on Oct 28, 2013 01:20 AM [Report This]

Finally! An update! xD Thank you :D

And, thanks god, they're fine! :D

Wait! Massu is a gay too... Really? O.O And he likes Ryo??? And he doesn't know that Ryo likes men? xD

You should update soon! Still curious >.< !!!
Author's Response: Sorry it took so long! The next one may take just as long, *ducks and hides* I seem to have hit a wall. Yes, theyre fine! For now. muahahahahahah! *cough* Anyhoodles, there has to be a gay couple right? XD With all these straight couples. But who knows who'll end up with who. XD Anyhoodels! Thank you for the review! *huggles real tight*
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