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Kristy reviewed Search Parties and Stories. on Apr 18, 2014 04:24 AM [Report This]

Scene: Massu at 5 in the morning.

"What am I doing?"

SITTING UP AT A HELLISH TIME IN THE MORNING, SMARTIE. But no seriously, who gets up that early? That's the time I go to bed during the summer- yeah, I become a bit nocturnal. AKA right now, when it's 12:30 and I'm still writing reviews for this story because it's just so good! But now I'm off topic. Got to get back to the scene-

"You know I'm right, Masuda." Even in the story, I'm cocky and arrogant XD Kinda fits my personality well, don't you think? Not that it's something to be proud of, certainly!

I'm still a bit confused over what just happened, but I'm sure that all the mystery will be cleared up soon (I hope...?). Anyway, even though I'm not the character in the story, I DO feel a tad bit guilty. Don't call me crazy or anything, but it really feels like deja vu. Anyway, Ryo's little intermission into our 'intense conversation' was just so adorable; pretending to be asleep was cuteee!

"I don't think Henry even wants to be part of your love triangle," You tell him Tegoshi! And that's because he's part of my love triangle ^^

Snow and Koyama are just so sweet together. It's like he rescued her, you know? And Pi's long-term commitment (gonna go out on a branch and say that it's probably Christine???) comment was adorable too.

And what is this I hear about a person infiltrating the 13 fated ones?! Well, at least it's not me. (And that part about eyes flickering is really creepy. Super creepy, Ceil!)
Author's Response: He likes to watch the sun rise, because he's a weirdo? XD A night owl, huh? I'm one of those too! I love night time, to bad my job keeps me inside for most of it though. *sad sigh* Anyhoodles back to the review! Nah, you can be proud of being cocky, just means you know how awesome you are. Nah, you're not crazy reading stuff about a character that's based on you can play some crazy mind tricks. XD It is Christine, I asked her a while ago if I could just throw her in my story here and there. They are pretty sweet together, huh? And super protective too. Yay! I'm doing well with the creepiness! Once again, thank you for this review! (I'm gonna' have to find a new way to end these replies.)

Eyeslikeatoms reviewed Search Parties and Stories. on Oct 07, 2013 04:33 PM [Report This]

This started kind of sweet. The everyone waking up and stuff. I wonder what Massu and Kristy have going on but I'm sure you'll reveal that sooner or later.

"Massu's face fell, "I don't usually reveal myself to strangers."
"Did we ask to see your penis?" Ryo laughed."
Lol xD

Oh oh... he's getting tired of it :S that cant be good.
Wait... Who are the people he spoke to? Ceil, Koyama, Snow and who??

UPDATE SOOON!!! Okay?? Okay.
Author's Response: YAY! Congrats on finally being up to date with this story! *Throws confetti* Sweet? Haruma was abused! XD Although he's abused a lot in this story.... poor guy. *hugs him* Mmhh, you'll get their story and the story of everyone else in that house (besides Snow, Pi, and Tegoshi since they already told theirs.) Please look forward to the others.^^ Ryo is one of my humor buffers, he does well, doesn't he? XD No that doesn't sound good at all, huh? *shakes fist at that man* He spoke with Ceil, Koyama, Snow, Kristy, Massu, and Henry. I'll update as soon as possible, don't worry. ^^ And thank you for the review. ^^

ichigoyamada reviewed Search Parties and Stories. on Oct 07, 2013 01:33 AM [Report This]

ANOTHER GREAT CHAPTER!!! LOVE this!!! *billion hearts*

Massu & Kristy conversation, made me curious... What actually happened with those two? o:

Haruma licked Ryo's hand = ewwww xD

The conversation about "love triangle" xDDD

LOL-ed about Yamapi's way to made up with his girlfriend xD

Tegoshi's past made me sad :( (No wonder he is SO clingy with Hime :D ) Oh, you mentioned about Shige! Massu & Kristy know him? O: Where is Shige now? o:

*sigh* That creepy voice just ruined the moment! What the heck is wrong with him? *glares*

Nooooo! Haruma!!! T.T and what happened with Pi??? T.T

O: the person that belongs to that creepy voice, knows who they are? And that person is in Koyama's group? O: Who? WHO???

You should update soon!!!!!! So curious now!!!!
Author's Response: YAY! *huggles* Thank you for saying that, it means a lot. You'll hear their story soon along with everyone elses stories.^^ Yep Haruma is a bit weird, huh? XD Pi being a perv. *shakes head at Pi* XD Yes! That's why he's so clingy to her, the moment he saw her, he wanted to keep her in his life, (cheesy right?) I can be sweet too, you know? XD You'll find out about Shige soon he gets talked about a few times in this story. He has to keep them on their toes, if they all get close then they might ban together and take him down. *dramatic gasp* You'll find out the answers to your questions, some sooner than others. XD Thank you Yammie! *huggles real tight* Your reviews always mean a lot.
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