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Kristy reviewed All We Have Is Hope. on Apr 18, 2014 03:56 AM [Report This]

"You know, women don’t like men that are too clingy." -Touche, baby, that's probably 100% true! Looks like Ryo's got the brains in the bunch, huh?

(But Tegoshi's so adorable when he claims *he's not clingy*. Yeah, rrrriiiiggghhht. But let's be real- I'm sure Hime's enjoying the clingy-ness! She doesn't seem like a person who would express her emotions exuberantly while Tego's the opposite: so I think that they make a great fit! Opposites attract.

Wow, look at you girlie! Taking control of the situation like a boss. I'm proud of you... And of course, I'd be the first one to break the awkward silence with a philosophical statement. I think you really nailed my character in this one ^^

Ooh, the "R" on the tapestry's getting really mysterious to me! I wonder what it means... And the part about the person being the last in their lineage gave me chills. The story's getting spooky... and good!
Author's Response: Well maybe some women do like men who are clingy, but I don't, so I just threw that in there. XD Yes he is adorable, huh? I mean he's just got the face that's adorable so why not give him the personality? I'm glad you think I did well with your personality.^^ I was really hoping so. And I'm so glad you said this story is getting good, I've been losing a lot of confidence in my writing, but you just gave me a boost! Thank you for this review, I'll move on to the others now! *huggles*

Eyeslikeatoms reviewed All We Have Is Hope. on Oct 07, 2013 03:59 PM [Report This]

Hahaha xD Tegoshi is so clingy! But so adorable.

Let me finish a sentence!" Ryo exclaimed annoyed.
"I already know everything you're going to say!"

Sassy Ceil lol xD
And now; who's this guys family. I love it :D i'm so excited again. And btw I just hit 200 reviews on my last review :D *happy*
Author's Response: Yeah he's adorable but he needs to man up! Just kidding. He has a reason for why he's so clingy, and if you read the latest chapter you know why he's that way. They're all a bit sassy at times, no? XD But I admit Ceil probably has the most attitude in that house. XD I'm glad you love it.^^ Thank you. And Yay! *Goes into cheerleader mode* You a really so close to your goal!! You just have to keep reviewing and you'll reach it or maybe even higher in no time. You can do it!

ichigoyamada reviewed All We Have Is Hope. on Sep 30, 2013 12:40 AM [Report This]

Argh! Too short!!! xD Okay, just kidding xD It's better short than nothing xD

Tegoshi misses Hime already xD hahaha xD So CLINGY!!! xD

Ceil keeps snapping & yelling xD What's wrong with her? Is she hungry? xDD

Thank you for updated it :D You should update soon!!! xD *kitten eyes* *hearts & huggles*
Author's Response: You're so cute. *huggles* Yes! such a little clingy puppy. XD You'll find out why he's like that though, soon too. You'll find out why Ceil snaps and is always so angry too. XD And it isn't because she's hungry. Sorry it took a little longer for me to reply to your review, I've been off my game lately. Thank you for the review though! *huggles real tight*

Kumohime reviewed All We Have Is Hope. on Sep 28, 2013 06:47 PM [Report This]

I don't mind guys being clingy it the guy is Tegoshi xP hahahah
So it might be a relative... Whoooo????
Have I told you I love this story? I love this story!
Author's Response: XD You'll find out why Tegoshi is so clingy soon too. Yep, lets hope they're right, like I said before. Or I might get all dramatic again. I'm so glad you love it! *happy face* Thank you for saying that, and for reviewing. *huggles real tight*
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