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Kristy reviewed What Happens Now? on Dec 01, 2013 04:21 AM [Report This]

*LE GASP* Koyama's going it alone? Is he insane? Did Hime spike his drinks again? Oh, whew. Ryo stopped him. You know, all this skinship makes me question whether a yaoi couple is forming or not *wiggles eyebrows like a monsieur* I mean, you gotta add in the bl love. It's necessary for Kristy's survival. (NO LOL JUST KIDDING)

WTF Why am I always the one he wants? And why do I have to be sheltered like a little poodle *pouts* I can kick ass, you know. Not TOTALLY incapacitated from destroying a person. But let's get real- I'd probably do the most damage out of this group. Well, only if you threaten my bby No. 1 or bby No. 2.

That creepy guy is talking to Koyama again? Seriously. It's like the house has a microphone system rigged throughout all of the rooms. Makes me wonder if someone would just pull the plug, and all you'll find is a little person speaking through a voice distorter. (This is why I shouldn't leave comments at 12am, I go off on tangents that nobody even cares about XD)

AND THAT DRAMATIC SCENE WITH SNOW. Just take all of my feels, I can't handle anymore T.T Her confession to Koyama had my wee heart breaking in two! Probably the part where Koyama "reached out to touch her face" is when I went "Oh oh oh oh~" in real life.
Author's Response: when did Hime spike his drink!? Did she do it when no one but you was looking? There is yaoi in this story and it does develop. *wiggles eyebrows back* Just keep reading. XD Everyone just wants to protect everyone, I'm sure you could do some damage, the others could too, they are just playing it safe. XD I care about your rants! That one reminded me of the wizard of Oz where they pulled back the curtain and it was a little guy talking for the big head. Yes! I tried to write that scene as dramatic as I could! I'm glad you liked it, i thought i didnt do very well with it. Anyhoodles, thanks for the review! *huggles*

Eyeslikeatoms reviewed What Happens Now? on Oct 07, 2013 03:16 PM [Report This]

*broadcaster voice* Okay, the two contestants Keiichiro and Takahisa start their quest. Who will be the winner if anyone? Some drama is happening. What will they do? How will Keiichiro and Takahisa react to their loved ones being threatened. Stay tuned to find out.
I'm sorry T.T I guess Monday's getting to me.
So Koyama is the "I'll sacrifice myself for you" guy. *sighs* I guess they just never learn not everyone is going to be appreciative.
Hmmm... I wonder if the guy will still hurt them some way. I'll read more again. You know I have 198 reviews done? I'm so close.
Author's Response: XD You're a great broadcaster.^^ Yep, our Almighty Koyama will do anything to get everyone out of there alive, even if that means he won't. Now that I say that, I feel kind of sad.... Yay! You're so close to your goal! Good luck! *hearts*

Kumohime reviewed What Happens Now? on Sep 15, 2013 11:31 PM [Report This]

oohhh Koyama is going all bad ass.

Sexy evil voice is back! Nooo what is going to happen?? Cause I'm sure they won't find the man. Phew, nothing bad happened this time.

Can't wait to know their stories!! Great update xD *throws flowers*
Author's Response: It's on and off with him, one minute he kicks butt, the next he's being motherly. XD I love that you call the evil voice sexy (but that might have to do with the fact that you know who it is) They definitely won't find him if they're looking for him (he told them that in the beginning) Yes nothing bad happened, Koyama is lucky he has Ryo and Snow to wrestle and smack some sense into him. XD Thank you! *catches flowers and bows* It means a lot.^^ *huggles*

ichigoyamada reviewed What Happens Now? on Sep 13, 2013 08:10 AM [Report This]

Koyama really need a nice slapped in his face, and there, he is calm down now xD

The conversation between Ryo & Haruma xD And Henry hates when they bring him to that conversation xDD

I'm not getting confused anymore :D Thank you for updated it :D Update soon xD *hugs*
Author's Response: Yes he did, didn't he? XD Maybe if Ryo would have slapped him in the face they all could have avoided that whole situation. I love Haruma, Ryo, and Henry as my little humor buffers, I can really see a relationship like that between them somehow. XD Yay for not being confused anymore! Thank you for the review! I'll update soon. *hearts and huggles*

Uniquemikoto reviewed What Happens Now? on Sep 12, 2013 08:25 PM [Report This]

A great way to start my weekend!! XD
They're becoming closer!!! *happy*
That man *glares* I want to kill him once I see him *glares harder* it's not a game anymore! u.u someone needs to teach him to not pass the limits u.u
Tegoshi is smart enough to get what koyama meant? xD
Wait, snow and koyama are whaat?! XD brother and sister?! O: this is getting interesting~
Ryo and his "best" friend and henry xD it's like love triangle xD
Thank you for the update~ :D
Author's Response: Yay for the weekend and starting it off with an update! XD Lets hope they stay close, if not.. *shakes fist at them* Yeah, but what if he's already dead, you can't kill the dead unless they're undead.... Oh My Gosh.. He's a zombie!! Ok, maybe I went a little too far. XD Tegoshi pays more attention to his surroundings and how others feel (besides maybe Hime, but he's a lost puppy around her so....) Any way! You'll get to see more of how Tegoshi thinks later on.^^ Koyama and Snow are just really close, like the closest a boy and girl can get without dating. You'll get more in depth about their relationship later on too. They are a love triangle, those rascals! Anyhoodles, before I ramble even more and reveal things that I shouldn't I'll end this with my usual. Thank you for the review, I'm so glad this story keeps you interested! ^^ *Hearts and huggles*
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