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Kristy reviewed One life for twelve. on Dec 01, 2013 04:13 AM [Report This]

Well, lookie here, another review from yours truly. Let's see what I've missed so far...

God, Pi is such a jerk sometimes. Good for Cherry to put him in his place! Spoken like a true leader, that spirit is so needed! But Ryo's little blurb there had me cracking up- that's kinda how I treat my besties, so I can totally relate XD

AWWWW MASSU DOESN'T WANT TO PART FROM ME. IT'S OKAY BBY I DON'T WANT TO PART FROM YOU EITHER. And Ceil, are you seriously kidding me- the first thing on my mind when I'm stuck in a haunted house with Super Junior is "OH MY GOD I AM WITH SUPER JUNIOR. OH MY GOD."

Wait, why am I horrified and looking at Massu? Does that mean he's going to hurt my bby No. 1 or my bby No. 2? (Massu and Henry, in order XD) They/he sure as hell will not! And what is this nonsense about "sexual tension" between Henry and Haruma, or Henry and Zhoumi? Seriously, the only "sexual tension" can be between me and him. Word.

After I basically word-vomited into this review box, I'm off to the next one! Good job guys, and I really like the apology session here! It makes the story seem more... humane. Or as close to humane as one can get in a haunted house survival game!
Author's Response: Yay! Reviews! XD Yes Pi can be a bit of a jerk. i think you got your characters confused though, cause' it was Ceil who he was arguing with. Ryo is one of my little humor buffers. *huggles Ryo* Yes, Massu is very "I have to be by Kristy's side" you find out why later too. Massu is the one who got called out along with that's why you looked at him horrified. XD There is a bunch of sexual tension between a bunch of characters don't worry, you'll get your man. Thank you for the review! And I'll move onto your others now!

Eyeslikeatoms reviewed One life for twelve. on Oct 06, 2013 07:00 PM [Report This]

Now that's just damn scary. O__O I'm disturbed. Reading this at night gives the best mood but it always puts me at risk of having nightmares. Well... anyways; good chapter xD
Author's Response: Don't read at night if it gives you nightmares! I made the mistake of reading two of Hime's stories early in the morning, and got the crap scared out of me, once because my cat was on the roof and made the same noises as what I was reading in the chapter, and the other time was because I was sitting right beside my kitchen and no one was awake. XD Best time to read stories with scary elements is during mid day when other people are awake. XD Thank you for saying it was a good chapter, it means a lot. ^^

ichigoyamada reviewed One life for twelve. on Sep 09, 2013 12:51 AM [Report This]

They fought again! *sigh*
(And I'm little bit confused here xD)
Anyway, thanks for updated it ^.^ Update soon okay, so I won't get confused again xD
Author's Response: They are always fighting! Why did you get confused? I didn't mean to confuse you. *sad face* And I'll update soon and hopefully you won't be confused anymore.^^

Uniquemikoto reviewed One life for twelve. on Sep 08, 2013 07:26 AM [Report This]

Stay calm...
I'M GONNA KILL THAT MAN!! Ugh, does that mean that he's gonna kill the loved ones?
I hope he doesn't u.u
And the mission for the leaders fails miserably xD
The thing between Heechel and Ceil 4 years ago xD
Looks like you're opening the past of everyone =w=
Thank you for the update~
and update soon? (^w^=)/ this face is supposed to be a cat xD
Author's Response: XD He is very annoying, huh? You just want to strangle him and save them all, right? Who knows what he has planned, lets just hope those two don't go through with it. Maybe they hadn't put their whole plan into action yet, so lets not say they failed yet. XD You'll see what happened four years ago between those two, it mainly involves Henry too. Just a little spoiler in case you get confused later on. Yep, soon you'll get to know everyones past, look forward to it. ^^ Thank you for the review! It really means a lot! ^^ *huggles*

Kumohime reviewed One life for twelve. on Sep 08, 2013 12:41 AM [Report This]

Ah, Ceil, relax... someone get her some herbal tea, really, she keeps snapping lol
And Pi could have put it in a different way, really.

Mmhh, Hime wants to be separated from Tego? :(
I wonder if he'll get fed up with that.

Because we said so... yeah, no wonder everyone is stubborn, I would have a problem with people just doing things without an explanation

O.O what's going to happen?? I'll be waiting for your next update at the edge of my seat *falls down* :P

Really, nice update and I'll be waiting for more
Author's Response: Herbal tea helps people relax? Maybe she doesn't need to calm down, maybe she's just what everyone needs. Yeah, I agree Pi shouldn't be so rude and bossy. *shakes fist* I don't think Tegoshi really notices how Hime feels, he's to busy being a helpless puppy. XD They need leaders who give orders, I agree though, they should explain more. Stop hurting yourself! Gosh, and I thought I was bad. Any wayy, thank you for the review, and I'll update soon, don't worry! XD
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