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Eyeslikeatoms reviewed Wakey! Wakey! on Oct 06, 2013 06:25 PM [Report This]

Just a though; why havent they tried to break through the window? even if theyre boarded you'd think if they smacked hard enough something would give in.
And I'm finding it hard to write long reviews for this 'cause i just read and i think everything is interesting so I dont know what to mention...
Hahahaha xD i think it's awesome that you showed what kind of morning people they are. I think it says a lot of a person. You know I get really bitchy and evil if I dont get my sleep? Like if someone just babbles all night I might commit murder and i couldnt be held liable for that. I just run cold... xD
It kinda feels like they're part of a big game. Why does he always want Ryo and Ceil to eat first??
Author's Response: Well, Heechul, Henry, Koyama and Snow did once, but the boards wouldn't even budge, remember? I think they're checking other options before they try using brute force again, that guy is pretty scary you know, the one holding them captive. XD It's awesome that you find everything interesting! Your reviews always give me a great boost of confidence. Yeah, most people don't like mornings, huh? XD Well, I think you and the people around you should make sure you get your sleep, we don't want you committing murder now do we? They are a part of a big game, that mans big game. *shakes fist at that man* Well, because the two of them mouthed off to him, so that's his lame way of punishing them. Any way, before I ramble and reveal things to you that I shouldn't I'll move on to your next review, and end this with my normal thank you, and *huggles real tight*.

Kristy reviewed Wakey! Wakey! on Sep 15, 2013 10:30 PM [Report This]

Oooh, how creepy! I think the attacks are randomized, but who knows. Maybe I'm just saying that so that my character won't die! O_O

I love how Pi's taking charge, isn't he just a little bossy-know it all? It's way too cute! Trying to protect all of the girls, are you Pi? Anyways, it's pretty funny that the only thing I said during dinner was "Do you think what's in this cup is orange juice?" Seriously, Kristy? XD Are you TRYING to make everyone paranoid?

Ah! I can't wait to find out more! I'm off to the next chapter!~ (So I can find who this "Me" person is and wring his neck!)
Author's Response: You don't want your character to die.... *sad face* I was going to make all of the characters die.. I'm only kidding, I promised you a happy ending for this story. XD Pi is the one bossy caring and know it all enough to take charge, huh? He wants to protect everybody but he thinks girls need more protecting. *glares at him* We all need someone to make everyone paranoid, and this time it was her. XD It'll take a while before he reveals himself, he's having too much fun. *shakes fist at him* But you'll find out sooner or later. Thank you for the review! I look forward to your other ones, I always love your reviews. *hearts and huggles*

ichigoyamada reviewed Wakey! Wakey! on Aug 13, 2013 12:49 AM [Report This]

Ceil didn't sleep... again... Why do I not surprised? xD
O: No one brings their watch, huh?
I love Snow answer about "Why is it always girls in the middle?" xD
O: Ryo & Ceil become the taste testers!!!
The owner of that house makes the atmosphere change *glares* Now those people become silent...
What will happen next? *waits patiently*

Thanks for updated it :D Another great chapter :D *hugs*
Author's Response: Do you see how much I hate sleep now!? And Ryo didn't sleep either, how come no brings that up! XD They have cell phones, but the batteries might be dead, maybe? Yep, she's head strong, huh? Them men can't always be the protectors! Yep, they are the official taste testers now, that stupid Jerk without a face! And yeah, he makes them all go silent, *shakes fist at him*. I'll update soon! Don't worry, and thank you! *hearts*

Uniquemikoto reviewed Wakey! Wakey! on Aug 11, 2013 12:53 PM [Report This]

I seriously need to know who belongs to him!!
ugh he brings shiver to me xD
RyoCeil are the official food tasters now xD
Thank you for the update ~
Author's Response: Hehe, you're so curious about it, huh? Yeah, he's kind of creepy, I don't like him! *shakes fist at him* Yep, they have their official food tasters now, I wonder if that man is going to have fun with that later. Muahahahahha! Thank you for the review! *huggles* It really means a lot. ^^

Kumohime reviewed Wakey! Wakey! on Aug 11, 2013 01:41 AM [Report This]

Someone left something while they were sleeping??? Creeepyyy!!! *clings to Tegoshi* :P

Ceil not sleeping, why doesn't that surprise me.

Ooohh Koyama seems dangerous. Love that

Oh my god this group fights about everything, even formation... just go! LOL

What's going on?? I want to know. Update, update, update hahahah
Author's Response: He won't protect you, he's too busy clinging to you! XD I don't know what you mean... Yes I do, do you see how much I hate sleep now! He's dangerous if you tough him while he's sleeping, and don't worry, I'm going to develop his personality even more, I hope you'll still like his character. ^^ YES! They fight over Eeeevvvveeeerrryyytthhhiinnnggg, just slap them all! You'll get your updates, don't worry. XD Thank you for the review! *hearts and huggles*
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