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Eyeslikeatoms reviewed His Idea Of Fun. on Oct 06, 2013 05:59 PM [Report This]

I somehow can't imagine Pi not being the leader. Like... how can he shut up?
And more bad things happening T.T bad things are scary. I forbid you from making me have nightmares. Do you understand me?
Author's Response: XD That's kind of what makes him a good leader isn't it? They need someone who can talk and know how to word things. Sorry! I don't want to give you nightmares. but things get a little worse, so prepare yourself, and don't read before you go to bed. XD Thank you for the review, and I'll move onto your others. It really means a lot that you're reading and reviewing, thank you again. *huggles*

Kristy reviewed His Idea Of Fun. on Jul 31, 2013 11:51 PM [Report This]

Oh! Koyama, the new leader of our little group? Not surprised, since both Pi and Chul have a tendency to be a bit sassy. Why am I not surprised that the bathroom is being ruined? I guess they're going to have to pee in bottles. LOL Poor guys! At least they found blankets.

I feel bad for arguing with Massu! Even if he is my boyfriend. Oh well. *pats him* You'll end up with someone nice, I promise :)
Author's Response: He would be a better leader, huh? XD Or they could just find other bathrooms.. XD Yes, blankets are good. Couples have their fights, don't feel bad, and yes, he'll end up with someone.... maybe... muahahahahah! *cough* Thank you for the review! *huggles*

Uniquemikoto reviewed His Idea Of Fun. on Jul 30, 2013 08:57 PM [Report This]

How can a story be this GOOD!! I'm so excited about what will happen, and that Voice-without-face man is just... well, I love his idea of fun, and I love how his personality, and I REALLY hate him for being so mean (I know this is so complicated, I'm like this xD)
I think it's a bad idea to separate...
Thanks for the story and update ;D
and I hope you update soon~
Author's Response: Wahhh! You don't know how much the fact that you a reading this story means! And this review is just the best! Thank you so much. There are more chapters to come, I hope we don't disappoint, and really, thank you so much again! (And oh, don't worry, your mixed feelings about the voice without a face are totally normal! XD)

ichigoyamada reviewed His Idea Of Fun. on Jul 29, 2013 05:35 AM [Report This]

You've updated it!!! : D

Hahaha Kei-chan should be the leader! *nods*
So, when someone screamed, the room would be shaking like that? O.O
What happened with Massu? He sounds so annoyed.
LOL at Tegoshi & Hime when the room were shaking xD

Thanks for updated ^_^ Good chapter ^_^ Gonna wait for next chapter : D
Author's Response: He'd be a good leader, huh? Maybe. o: Or that man, thing, is just having fun.. *makes angry face* Massu is a grumpy person, huh? xD Tegoshi being his normal clingy self, and Hime is the victim! XD Thank you for the review! *huggles* The next update won't take long.

Kumohime reviewed His Idea Of Fun. on Jul 28, 2013 10:46 PM [Report This]

Kristy and Massu are fighting :o
And what's with the earthquakes??
Awww yay for Tegoshi and Hime hugging xD
What happens next? what what what???
Author's Response: There has to be conflict in every group, right? xD Like Koyama said, they are probably "his" idea of "fun". Told you there would be more TegoHime in the up coming chapters! XD You won't have to wait too long to know what happens next, don't worry. And thank you for the review!! *Hearts*
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