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Eyeslikeatoms reviewed Who Died? on Sep 08, 2013 05:33 PM [Report This]

And now most of them are together! It's kind of interesting to see how this will evolve now, soon they will all have met each other.
Ceil... I have to say... Why did you have to make story Ceil hide? xD What could have happened between her and Henry for her to act like that in a clearly freaky perhaps hunted house???
But so Ceil was the one who opened the door to the others? I have to say you have pieced this together very well!
AND NOW THEYRE ALL TOGETHER! 13 is an unlucky number. (Its my favorite number too! Along with 7)
And gosh... a scary voice. WHY CANT HE JUST LET THEM LEAVE!!?
Author's Response: Theres a big history between Ceil and Henry you'll find out later on. Plus Ceil doesn't like to play by the rules, she'll leave whenever she wants! XD Thank you, I'm so glad you think its well pieced together! You don't know how happy that makes me! Yes 13 is an unlucky number, lets see how it plays out for them. 7 is your favorite number too? Thats my second favorite number, next to 5. He has his motives to keep them there. *shakes fist at him* Thank you for the review! *hearts*

Kristy reviewed Who Died? on Jul 22, 2013 06:11 PM [Report This]

Such chaos! Anyways, I can't believe I was passed out the entire time. Everyone was yelling and Ceil went (temporarily) missing. I'm glad that she came back, though. It can be dangerous in the house if you're by yourself. And I wonder what that bright light was! It seems quite mysterious; I suppose that I'll just find out in the next chapter!
Author's Response: You did hit your head pretty hard. That house probably is pretty dangerous, but who knows, they might be safer if they travel in smaller groups. Thank you again for reviewing! *hearts*

Kumohime reviewed Who Died? on Jul 11, 2013 01:39 PM [Report This]

Is Snow a mind reader? She seems to know what everybody is thinking hahaha
Oh yeah I forgot he mumbles... but Snow is the only one who told him that... suspicious... or I'm over thinking
Ceil! Where did you go!? We are in a creepy haunted house, get back in here!
Aahh so Ceil and Henry know each other?
13 usually not a good number in horror stories... see? And when the disembodied voice says it's time to have fun, it's never fun.
I wanna know what happens! Hand out the other chapters, I know you have them! Hahaha
As you can see from all the rambling I'm trying Cherry's idea Haha
But honestly update soon!
Author's Response: Or everyone's thoughts are just really easy to read.... Plus Henry mumbles. Ceil had to go find the others, or they would never get out of that door way! Ok, that's a little dramatic, but still, Kristy knocked her head, they could have been back there for hours! Well, it is fun, but only for the disembodied voice. You'll get your other chapters! XD Ahh, you weren't rambling, I like this kind of feedback! ^^ And, another update will be soon, don't worry! And thank you! *Hearts*

ichigoyamada reviewed Who Died? on Jul 11, 2013 04:52 AM [Report This]

WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!! Great updated!!!!!!!!! LOVE this!!!!!!!!

Henry indeed looks like a dog (for me) xD
Ceil, why you didn't want to introduce yourself? o: Is there something wrong? o: (You wont tell me, right? Okay, I'll just wait xD)
So, Pi & Ryo knew each other, huh?
And yes! I LOVE Hime character!!! Wow!
Finally, the owner of the house is showed up (just the voice tho)
What will happen, huh? Cant wait! Update soon!!! xD *hugs*
Author's Response: Wahhhh! I love this review! Thank you so much! I'm so glad you liked this chapter. You'll find out why Ceil doesn't want to introduce herself. ^^ And you think Henry looks like a dog, as in cute, right? XD You'll love Himes character more later on! And yep, Pi and Ryo know each other. ^^ *Shakes fist at the owners voice* Who does he think he is? XD Anyhoodles, thank you so much again Yammie! *Millions of Hearts*
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