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Eyeslikeatoms reviewed I'm Not Going To Murder You. on Sep 08, 2013 05:16 PM [Report This]

Okay... So is something supernatural happening now? It's a little scary. And in a way I think Kristy should be mad at herself xD Only an idiot would go to an abandoned building.
Snow knows how to be a creeper... Its a lot creepier if someone says "I'm not going to murder you" than not saying anything. Btw, did you know a type of chicken is apparently called creeper?
I felt a faint shiver run down my arm just now... I didn't like that.
"she thought having the two as friends, since they were older, she'd get to act her age.. She was so wrong."
HAHAHAH! I can relate.
So Hime and Cherry are the only people who didn't want to get inside the house. The only wise ones *sighs*
How big exactly is the house if so many people are trapped inside it? It would be one hell of a scary place to be in.
I wonder who opened the door... I guess I'll find out now :D
Author's Response: It gets worse, so be prepared. XD If Kristy is mad at herself, all of the people who wanted to enter the house should be mad at themselves too. You're calling half of them idiots! XD Henry mumbles when he talks, someone had to point it out, and why not do it in the most creepy way possible? I did not know that, thank you for telling me! I love random facts. *hearts* Awe, like I said, its gets worse. muahahahah! I thought you would be able to relate, since it is your character and all.^^ Hime was the one who suggested they go in, Tegoshi didn't want to. So, Cherry and Tegoshi are the wise ones. XD The house is pretty big on the inside, and full of surprises. Thank you for the review! I always love your reviews!

Kristy reviewed I'm Not Going To Murder You. on Jul 22, 2013 05:57 PM [Report This]

OMG! What happened to me? And at least Henry saw me fall *fans self*. I'm sure he'll save me... Right? Anyways, I love the overprotective Massu! He's way to adorable to be mean to Ryo.

"It's always a good time to worry about a cat, no matter when." Oh Ceil, I knew you would be the one to say that. You're such a cat person! It's super adorable. :3 Anyways, thanks for the update! I'm off to read the other 3 ones!
Author's Response: Of course, who wouldn't save you!? XD I'm glad you like over protective Massu.^^ I had to throw the cat thing in there, it just wouldn't be me without it, right? Thank you for the review!! It means a lot. *Hearts*

ichigoyamada reviewed I'm Not Going To Murder You. on Jul 02, 2013 06:01 AM [Report This]

O.O What happened?! "a blinding light, a load roar, and a blast of heat" O.O

I laughed so hard when I read Ceil's part about cat! xD (Stop glaring at Tegoshi! xD)

Great updated! :D Thanks for updated :D UPDATE SOON OKAY?! So curious!!! xD
Author's Response: Wahh! What did happen? XD Just kidding! You'll find out in the next chapter, which will be updated soon, I promise! Any wayy, but it is always a good time to worry about a cat! Tegoshi should know that! But, I'll stop glaring at him, unless he says something stupid again! *Shakes fist at him* Just kidding, I love Tegoshi. XD And I love you Yammie, because you're such an amazing reader and reviewer! Thank you so much! I really does mean a lott. *Hearts and Huggss*

Kumohime reviewed I'm Not Going To Murder You. on Jun 30, 2013 01:23 PM [Report This]

:O Kristy!! What happened???

And it's always a good time to worry about a cat, LOL. Although yes, I have to agree with Tegoshi and cats are smart, they can usually take care of themselves, crafty little buggers
And why is Ryo there? Aahh I want to know!

This is great! *hugs*
Author's Response: It is always a good time to worry about a cat.... always. *Nods* XD And yes they are smart crafty little guys, thats why I love themm.^^ You'll find out why Ryo is there, and more later on don't worry. XD I'm so glad this keeps you so interested.^^ And thank you so much for the review! *Huggles back*
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