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Eyeslikeatoms reviewed Already Off To A Great Start. on Jun 09, 2013 10:53 AM [Report This]

Ceil is familiar with them.... Or the other one? Henry? Hm...
And Cherry was the only one who didn't get smacked with anything? xD i feel proud of her. *pats story Cherry* Good girl, Cherry.
I like how Hime's all cool and simple and then Tegoshi keeps asking questions xD It's funny.
Now the story got kind of a horror or thriller element to it.
I'll be waiting for the update!!
Author's Response: wOOt! You reviewed. XD Yes, Cherry likes to stay in the back, she's less likely to get hit then. Tegoshi asks too many questions. *Shakes fist at him* Yes, we finally threw in a twist, did you like it?^^ Thank you for your review, it really means a lot!

Kristy reviewed Already Off To A Great Start. on Jun 02, 2013 12:50 AM [Report This]

Hamsters? It's Mochi for sure! But I don't blame you for hitting Yamashita with an umbrella. If I was in a spooky house, I'd hit anything that moved with an umbrella! And then break their noses..... *kekeke*

Loving the English! That just makes you and Henry so fabulous. It's a nice touch! But I'm pretty surprised that Ceil didn't fangirl over seeing Henry and Heechul. Maybe if it was Kyuhyun...

WEIRD BOY? Well, Hime's going to fall for that "weird boy". You know it. But they can be weird together, right? XD

YOU AND HENRY HAD A PAST? *jealous glare* I can't believe you. Not fair! :( Well, you'll end up with someone! XD (And I'll get my baby!)
Author's Response: Yes! Hitting anything with random objects and breaking their nose is the best way too go. I'm glad you liked the random English we threw in their. Yes, Tegoshi is weird, you can't deny that. XD Don't glare at me! XD Anyhoodles, thank you for the review! And another update should be soon. *Hearts*

Kumohime reviewed Already Off To A Great Start. on Jun 01, 2013 11:52 PM [Report This]

mmhh Ceil knows Herry? Small world hahaha, and what happened? They don't seem to like each other much... okay, I guess you won't tell me so I'll keep reading.

Hime is cranky, matches my mood perfectly hahahaha... where are the cat and the dog, btw?

Awww, Koyama is so sweet!

lol, Kristy teasing Massu.

Noooo, clifhanger!! Who is screaming?? What is going on??

Go, write... go go hahahah

And yep it did cheer me up xD Love you too!
Author's Response: Everyone's past will be explained, don't worry.^^ I'm glad you don't totally hate the personality we gave Hime. XD But, I like to think the cat and the dog ran away and lived happily ever after and whatnot. Koyama is sweet, huh?^^ Cliffhangers are what I'm best at. XD Don't worry there will be another update soon! And I'm glad it cheered you up. Thank you for the review!
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