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Kristy reviewed We Shouldn't Be Here. on May 31, 2013 08:17 PM [Report This]

First of all- ZOMG YOU UPDATED! YAY! I'm sorry it took me a while to read and review, but now that school's over, I'll be reading a lot! ^^

Okay, let's get to the break down. I should have known that Hime and Tegoshi were together! *hits myself on the head* DOH, he's the only blonde in the story! Anyways, I hope they find the dog before they run away and make out behind the shower curtain.

But now I feel bad knowing that I'm going to ditch Massu! But it's HENRY. I guess he's the only guy I'd choose over Massu. I'm loving how you wrote my personality, though. I might seem a bit like a B, but that's okay with me XD

And Heechul! Being all protective over Henry. But I wonder if HenMi would have come from Henry leaving with Mimi? Maybe? That would be awesome too. I love me some HenMi. (Just saying.)

Anyways, awesome chapter! I can't wait to see what's going to happen! I wonder if they'll scream when they meet up... ^^
Author's Response: Well, wOOt! No more school! XD I don't think Hime and Tego will be doing any making out anytime soon, but hey, you never know! Don't feel bad! The way we are writing, things will just fall into place, don't worry, you won't look like a bad person, and neither will Henry or Massu. ^^ I don't mean for you to seem like a B, just a little head strong, because we need strong women. XD I threw in Henry wanting to go with Zhou Mi instead in there just for you, but maybe I will throw some more in there later on? *wink wink* Anyhoodles! Thank you for the review! So glad you like it so far! *Hearts*

ichigoyamada reviewed We Shouldn't Be Here. on May 30, 2013 12:14 AM [Report This]

I was right about Hime & Kristy partners xD Jajajaja : D

Finally you updated it : ) Thank you : D

Love this chapter! More curious! You should update SOON! xD *hugs*
Author's Response: Ahaha. Good you knew who they were! XD Sorry for keeping you waiting so long for an update, but, I hope it was worth it! ^^ I'm glad you like this story, and thank you for the review! We will try to update as soon as possible! I hope we don't disappoint! *Hearts*

Eyeslikeatoms reviewed We Shouldn't Be Here. on May 29, 2013 06:09 PM [Report This]

A LONG CHAPTER! WOOOOOOOT!! I like long chapters. They give me more time to think xD hahah.
Hime is a strong woman, i see. I'd be like that little boy and abuse Hime's protection.
So Kristy's boyfriend was Massu! Massu seems like a chicken. Although maybe he's just wise and there's a serial killer inside there and Kristy is an idiot. But you know... who knows?
Ah, Ryo is cocky! I like imagining him like that, he'd be real bad ass. Haruma seems like a nice guy too.
AWW!! the boy with hime was tegoshi xD I should've seen that coming but i kept imagining some wuss teenager.
(just a btw I think you guys had a couple spelling mistakes... maybe... I'm not an expert so I shouldn't say anything though)
And please update sooon!!!
Author's Response: Since everyone likes long chapters, most of these chapters will be long now. ^^ Well, I heard Massu and Tego are kind of chickens when it comes to haunted houses and whatnot, they won't be so weak for very long, I promise! XD Yes, I wanted to make Hime the strong one, because that is how I see her personality.. kind of. XD Maybe Massu is the smart one? Or maybe Kristy is? Yes! I love cocky Ryo too! It just suits the way he looks. I'm molding Haruma's personality still, I have a long way too go with all these characters. XD Yeah, I saw the errors too once I re read. I don't know how I missed them, but, thank you for telling me! And thank you for the review.... this is the longest reply to a review Ive ever written.... Any way! Thank you so much! And I hope we don't disappoint!

Kumohime reviewed We Shouldn't Be Here. on May 29, 2013 05:48 PM [Report This]

So Kristy was fighting with Massu? Aawww
And that place is weird... I would be a little worried about all that food... and I would definitely worry about that chandellier hahaha
This was great! I loved the funny bits and I want to read more!!
You guys are doing a great job :D
Author's Response: I remember us talking about chandeliers and how you don't like them, so I just threw that in there. XD Thank you Hime! It means a lot!! I'm so glad you like it! *Hearts*
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