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Anna Clair reviewed The Initiate on Mar 11, 2013 12:18 AM [Report This]

Jannie this was so exciting ! It left me totally pumped to see more! I want to know what kind of jewel heist this is and how they're going to pull it off and kyaaah why these two gangs work with each other! (And a 50/50 split is rough! :O but I guess Toma's giving in for other reasons lololol XD)

Selina reminded me of a very hardheaded gangster so I thought you characterized her quite well. I love how she brought the knife out!

Jun was really good too but there's a lot about him that seemed hidden away so that added to the mystery of his actions and words even though he was the point of view the chapter focused on for quite a while

Toma and Lilli were both charismatic, loyalty-inspiring leaders so I can see why the other two are loyal to them. That sort of light-heartedness that's easy to succumb too :)

If you do end up writing more! I'd love to read it!
Author's Response: Thank you for review as always! You totally get me and understand the nuances. This one-shot was totally inspired by a dream I had recently when both Jun and Toma are in there. Exactly like the story, they were both gangsters with slick back haired Jun and blond Toma! Totally hot! I love the chemistry between Lillith and Toma. It's very unique that I might explore further. But good news, THE MUSE IS NOT DEAD! Thank you for inspiring me to write. The other original fic has been started which I'll probably pick up next weekend. woot!

Blossy reviewed The Initiate on Mar 10, 2013 09:15 PM [Report This]

Ooooooh!!! One hecka good story! It was short but had the action in it and the suspense! Good job Jannie! Totally loved it x
Author's Response: Thanks Ayu! Glad you liked it!

Christine reviewed The Initiate on Mar 10, 2013 08:39 AM [Report This]

Good job bb
This was intense and sexy
Author's Response: Love you bb. Thank you for the review!

biniBningPunkista reviewed The Initiate on Mar 10, 2013 02:21 AM [Report This]

eh? That's it? No more? I want a part two! lolz.
Author's Response: Lols. It was supposed to be a one shot. Maybe I'll write a part two. Maybe. Thanks for the review!

Ooper reviewed The Initiate on Mar 10, 2013 01:41 AM [Report This]

This was so hot and amazing... You should write a story for this! You are such a talented author, Jannie!
Author's Response: Thanks for the review Ooper! You really inspired me from that short dream I had two nights ago! Thanks again!

Kimy77 reviewed The Initiate on Mar 10, 2013 01:24 AM [Report This]

woah!!! love it! short but powerful!
Author's Response: So this is your user name here! Thank you for leaving the review!
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