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biniBningPunkista reviewed For Lillith: Tainted on Mar 10, 2013 02:16 AM [Report This]

Wow... this was intense! It was sad and short, but I like how lovely dark it all was. >_<
Author's Response: Thank you! Love all the feels in just one moment in life all packed in!

Anna Clair reviewed For Lillith: Tainted on May 06, 2012 07:15 PM [Report This]

LOL I'm your Lillith YAYYY :D Tainted...its such a weird word because really its quite pretty sounding but it means something very ugly in reality so the contradiction of it is something I'm going to take in while I read it :D

(I'm gonna be lame now for a second...TOMA EROS SHOT HIS ARROW THROUGH YOUUU XD) sorry okay I'm back to normal. The way you describe them running and the rain coming down, the dim lighting. I'm all search SEARCH FOR MORE. She was paying for her sins? :O my curiousity is piqued! Appeared again?!

oh my god. can I ask you if I figured this out right? Okay so basically in the past Lillith would have fallen in love with Toma as an angel and (she was too? maybe maybe not iunno) but the gods obviously couldn't have it so both of them fell to earth but to give Toma a chance to be an angel again she asked for them to erase his memory and give him another shot after life on earth. Which is why his wings were white first and hers were already black right away..

OH MY GOD. SO MUCH IN MY HEAD RIGHT NOW. It was perfect Jannie :D so absolutely perfect Thank you so much for writing this!
Author's Response: Lol. So you wanted to know the story behind this story? I wonder if I didn't flesh this one out a bit more so the story would come through. Ok, the way the story goes in my head is that one of the main goals for Lillith here is to aim to become the top devil. She did seduce Toma and made him fall to earth for punishment. Which angered God and instead of Lillith reigning her small piece of hell, was brought to earth to pay for her sins. But of course along the way she falls in love with Toma and begged for them to erase what she did to him so she can bear with the thought that she might not help him get back to heaven but at least he's safe on earth away from her. But of course fates don't listen to what we want and hence the meeting. And the rest, is history. Love ya, Lillith. Thank you for my story as well. Just a little bit of something in return when you inspire me!

Ooper reviewed For Lillith: Tainted on May 06, 2012 01:57 AM [Report This]

Author's Response: You are too demanding Tali! I'm only one woman! XXXDDD Glad you liked this as well.

Christine reviewed For Lillith: Tainted on May 05, 2012 08:13 PM [Report This]

that was beautiful Jannie!
The way the wings started turning black because they were tainted was brilliant!
Another good job sweety!!!
Thank you so much
Author's Response: Thanks Chri! Small stories for everyone, hurrah! Glad you like it! You are welcome!
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