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Anna Clair reviewed For Chri: Behind the Wire on May 06, 2012 07:10 PM [Report This]

FO CHRICHRIIII so this story is about Pi being a cop. I totally think he'd make an excellent cop :D!

Okay I have to ask cause you mentioned it twice XD in both Talia's story and Christines...Do you like plaid?? That's so cute! I agree plaid can be really really good if paired appripriately...I wanna get plaid shoes T.T specifically TOMS.

OKAY the characterization in this is SO DRAMATIC. What did Christine do! Oh my god so many questions and on what's happened between the set of all of them! What's so twisted beyond belief in the plot lines and so much to develop and ahh.

Amazing :D I loved it!
Author's Response: Lol. Tali is begging me to write it! Not just this small story but as a one shot. I do think he would make an excellent hard ass cop. The plaid thing, lol I didn't even notice that. I want a plaid shirt too. But I think I look too hillbilly! XD I glad you love this one as well. I am deciding if I should develop this or not. But thank you for taking the time to review!

Ooper reviewed For Chri: Behind the Wire on May 06, 2012 01:55 AM [Report This]

You either have to finish this and make it a oneshot or you have to tell me what is going through your head and I will write it!!!!!!!!! THIS IS SO GOOD OH MY GOD.
Author's Response: XXDDD You have to wait in line after Chri. She wants to write this too! I was thinking only for Chri when I thought who would be the perfect victim? Tali of course! Lol. But no, if ya want to write this, write away! Glad you liked it!

Christine reviewed For Chri: Behind the Wire on May 05, 2012 08:08 PM [Report This]

the plot bunnies are working in my head at the moment O.O
what have you done to me Jannie? XD
Thank you so much
Author's Response: That is what Law and Order does to me when I watch them late at night. Perfect for a short ChriPi fic! *hugs back* You are welcome, bb! Maybe this can become a full fledged story huh?
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