Reviews For Under One Roof

lovesmatch reviewed A job for the body on Jan 03, 2011 11:36 PM [Report This]

he sounds like a really nice kid...
and i loved it that he helped Aya when others (normally) would just laugh and leave her at it... (although he did laugh at her... but still...)
and like i said... i like Aya's character... she seems really nice and kind...
wonder what's Jin in the community too, for demanding and getting such respect from his peers...
good chap Shan! :)
Author's Response: Haruma is a really good boy and I loved him from Bloody Monday... he needed to be here to get some more exposure! ^_^v Aya never knew anything about simple chores because she was rich. that stretch of kindness from Haru got to her and they hit it off instantly. :)
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