Reviews For Under One Roof

lovesmatch reviewed The introduction on Jan 03, 2011 11:32 PM [Report This]

“You can pay me with your body instead.”
the first thought i had when i read this line was... WOOHOO! go Jin! LOL
i love him already... i really like his character...
and i like Aya's character too... she doesn't sound too helpless or bitchy or snobby that is usually portrayed for the upperclass women... :)
and i love that there's a kid in the story...
i like kids... :)
and i seriously like this story... :)
Author's Response: i am thoroughly happy that you love this story mitch. there aren't much Jin stuff here in AFF and i was craving for a nice Jin character for a change. hehe... and that kid! i wanted a kid to make things more confusing and cute for this story! *hugs*
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