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Hi again! Uh once again I found minor translation errors, so I'd like to tell you them so you might be able to fix them. First off the part where it goes, “Votre ami, mademoiselle Minako, est venu vous chercher.” Instead of ami it should be amie. Putting an e at the end makes it feminine, but if theres a group of people and at least one of them is a guy, it would be amis, no matter how many girls there are. The part where it goes; "Non, non, monsieur Takizawa, elle est venue à ma maison à la recherche pour vous," its the same thing with the recherche thing, its like saying research. So instead i would put elle voulait vous voir, which means she wanted to see you, but if you wanted to leave she was searching for you, that's fine as well. For the part where he wants to know if Minako had gone to the sencond house it would be; at-elle (if you wanted to put her instead of Minako in) aller à la deuxième maison. If you wanted to have him say Minako specifically you would have to say est ce que Minako est aller .......(etc). For the part where they talk about how she knows a few loyal servants it would be; Je sais quelques servantes fidèles qui travaillent encore là-bas et ils m'assurés qu'ils vont me dire si mademoiselle Minako arrive. It basically means the same thing, you just added a few extra words and its kind of easier to say this way. For the part in which they talk about Minako doing something crazy, it would go like this; Elle n'a pas venu encore , mais en sachant votre amiei, elle ferait quelque chose de fou. That part was mostly correct just a few weird words and that you forgot to add an e at the end of ami. For the part where they talk about him fixing this once and for all it would be; Je vais corrigez ce la une fois pour toutes. To be honest im not entirely sure if une fois pour toutes is right though, its literal tanslation means one time for all, but I not sure how to say once and for all in French so im sorry if im wrong about that part. Cela a dure trops longtemps. Which means this has gone on for too long, im not exactly sure has to say this has gone too far because then i would be ginving you a literal translation and it wouldnt make sense when you read it. And lastly the part where she asks him what will he do it would be; que ferez-vous? I hope I have been helpful once again and if you do need any future translation I'd
be happy to help! Keep on writing!
Author's Response: So I made changes with this chapter too. Once again thank you for picking up the mistakes for me. I think it's less mistake this time because I asked a different person to check this one^^ Thank you for reading and if I do add any more French, I'll sure be asking you to translate for me :) Re-check this for me and see if I've put it up correctly. Thank you.

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morning B...
thank you for new chapter n sorry for late review
kindda interesting
so hideaki show up at skool...
bad timing as minako n yukie plus jin n his friends looking for him
glad takashi, shohei n hideo told him about minako n the rest of the gang
at least his maid called n told him about minako...
ohh boy both J n U got caught...
hope nothing bad gonna happen to both of them....
hideaki better comes fast n rescue them before it's too late
wonder what gonna happen next...
take care n keep up the good work...
enjoy your weekends n update soon ;)

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i like it... Junda got cought!!! lol

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Ohno! They were busted! :( I hope Hideaki comes to their rescue soon! Update soon :)
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