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Autumn147 reviewed Volume 02 - Chapter 03 on Jan 22, 2012 06:29 AM [Report This]

Hi! first of all I would like to say I love this story and the series. But I found a few mistakes in your translating from French to English. For "goodday, how can i help you," instead of bonjour puis-je vous aider it would be bonjourest ce que je peut vous aider. And for "we would ask if you have an idea of where we could find Hideaki-kun" instead of aviez and pourrions it would be avez and pourrons. For the part where they tell the maid that they know that they know she knows, the part that says we need to find him actually says we need to find him and make sure hes okay, not that its wrong, it was just different than the english translation. And lastly the part where the maid asks if they would still look for him is est ce que vous vont toujours le chercher. If you had left the recherche part it would be considered research. Sorry if I'm in any way being rude by fixing your translation, but I hate it when i see grammar mistakes. I know some people just go and copy and paste stuff from google translate, but come on, they could've at least searched it. Hopefully this helped you! Anyways, continue your writing, it's really good!
Author's Response: Hi, Firstly I want to thank you for reading my story and then secondly for picking out my mistakes. I still make mistakes (that I don't think I could perfect it) I'm not good at French despite taking French class for 5 years in school! Once I don't use something frequently I forget (my weakness!) Anyways thank you and I've ammended it. Please re-check if it's now correct. BTW I did get the translation from google but I asked someone to check if it's correct and this is the translation she gave back to me.

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hahahaha “Ueda-chan, if you were a girl, I think you would have been a total babe,” agree with you junno XD
go Minako and Yukie.
thank you for updating :)

cahaya reviewed Volume 02 - Chapter 03 on Jun 19, 2011 04:38 PM [Report This]

evening B...
great chapter...love it
wow minako can speak french
love the shocked expression from yukie :lol:
wonder if minako & yukie are the same place as the guys?
hmm if the same, wonder how jin's reaction gonna be when he sees minako :lol:
ueda n junno so funny...
hopefully they did not get caught n hurry in rescuing hideaki
cannot wait to find out what gonna happen next...update soon B ;)
keep up the good work n take care dear
enjoy your weekends ;)

miki1302 reviewed Volume 02 - Chapter 03 on Jun 19, 2011 05:05 AM [Report This]

Woah! Really hilarious chapter! Junno and Ueda sure had lots of fun. I would love to see Ueda in maid outfit! xD

Tierra reviewed Volume 02 - Chapter 03 on Jun 19, 2011 12:18 AM [Report This]

I lover it!!!! IT is JUNDA!!!, lol...

gabbyVz reviewed Volume 02 - Chapter 03 on Jun 18, 2011 07:01 AM [Report This]

French~ cool!
Everytime Ueda and Junno are together it's always funny~
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