Mirichan reviewed Chapter 19: The Yan Siblings on Jun 17, 2012 12:37 PM [Report This]

You don´t believe how long I waited for your new chapter!!
To admit I fell in love with many of your storys >_<
I was unbelieveable happy when I saw your new released chapter.
I love her brothers.How they are messing around with Taeyang and the other boys:P
He is unbelieveable cute but he should get to know the truth soon. When not then he will stay in pain again.....:DD
THANK YOU VERY MUCH for your upload
Author's Response: Wow! that's fast! thank you for your comments!!! I just love reading my readers comments! and thank you for supporting my other fics as well. Taeyang? I don't think I have TaeYang on this fic...you might be thinking of Photos of You? LOL... I'll update that next.

SouthWest reviewed Chapter 18: Meeting the Douchbag on Jun 16, 2012 04:34 AM [Report This]

I was SOOO excited to see this update!! I thought about rereading the whole story before I read this new chapter because I love the story and I wanted it fresh in my mind. But I decided I was too excited to find out what happens next, so I just read it. Something about the way you write it, I didn't need to reread, it all came back to me as I read! =)

I'm so excited to read more of this story! I just love all the character interactions. And I can't wait to find out Calvin's side of the story and to meet Aaron and to see more of Yuki and the BEAST boys. And you know I'm rooting for Yuki to end up with Yun Ho so I'm waiting for him to show up again too. =)

I think you did a really good job with this chapter. =) Ki Kwang in so cute, cooking food for Yuki. And I love how Yuki already knew that Aaron knew; such great sibling interaction! And I love how good Yeona is at keeping the boys in line. =) Overall, such a great chapter! Can't wait for more! =D

hunnyhugs reviewed Chapter 18: Meeting the Douchbag on Jun 12, 2012 10:39 PM [Report This]

finally the big babies with their noonas..
just love yuki's stories..
cant wait for more..
tc friend~
Author's Response: thank you dear! as always you're always there! so happyyyyy! oh and who's story? yuki's character in the story? or me? as my story? LOL

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yuki O_o did you have a mistake in this chap? i didnt notice it the first time i read this, but when yuki is talking with Aaron they keep talking about taiwan like:

“Didi, is it true? Is he really here in Taiwan?”

Shouldnt it be korea?

But anyways, Aaron is so cute! aww i love him now... (SO MORE PARTS WITH HIM!) I always wanted a little brother or sister ^^ and both of yukis brothers are so caring.

And kikwang knows how to cook? O_o amazing. I want his cooking. And the nickname "Kiki" awww :3

UPDATEEEEEE !!! i wanna know moooreeeeeeeeeee. Unniiii i love this story

*grabs yukis leg*
-I wont let go until you update! So write fast!
Author's Response: I AM SOOOOOOO THANKFUL TO YOU! few of my readers been saying something about Taiwan, but I kept checking on it, but I couldn't find what they were talking about until you actually mentioned the line. Them BAM! It came out! I cant' believe I messed up on that one...whahahahaha... So, i edited it and fixed it! Thank you! Gotta luv readers like you and them! hehehehe Will try to update again...wehehehehehe And yeah...I'm loving Aaron's character here too....lol

Eyeslikeatoms reviewed Chapter 17: The Freaking 'F' Word on Jun 11, 2012 11:24 AM [Report This]

DAMN I HATE THAT FIANCE *murderous glare*

and yoseob and kikwang were so cuteee :3 and dong hae too ^^ hehee

Author's Response: lol...you know...i still don't know who she will end up with...or even if she ends up with someone....muahahahaha

Eyeslikeatoms reviewed Chapter 16: Hide & Seek on Jun 10, 2012 09:29 AM [Report This]

I really like Jerry too... Being such a cool big brother. And its so funny that yeona is kinda scared of him

And Kikwang is so cute :3 wanting to help yuki.

And now there are only two chapters left... I NEED UPDATESSSSS!!!!!!!! UPDATEEE YUKI UNNIIIIIII

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“Yuki-chan ~ did I just saw you come out of that apartment?”

Yuki turned her head towards her new apartment and then back to Kikwang. She laughed nervously. “Why did you ask that?”

Kikwang started at her and answered. “Because I saw you just come out of that apartment.” He stated with a serious tone.


“Don’t worry, I’ll take care of you.” Kikwang looked determined. “I’ll marry you!

so cute :3 im really liking kikwang now!

it again took me a long time to get to the next chapter, but I'm moving forward! slowly but surely

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*runs around like a headless chicken*
... *still running around like a headless chicken*

*dies of over excitement*

i CANT get tired of this story, i love it too much. And I did reread this earlier too, but I always just read the first couple of chapters :3


And I love pretty much all the boys characters :3 so cute ! I actually dont know about anything about b2st, but after i read this i always wanted to know more :) You can tell me good songs of theirs so I'll get to know them more.... but the koala bear lol

And i really love yukis brothers too :3 how they're a bit over protective ^^

UPDATES !!!!!!!!

Eyeslikeatoms reviewed Chapter 09: The Last Remaining Two... on Jun 08, 2012 07:39 PM [Report This]

haahaaa xD i just love the scene where she's texting and he gets frustrated.. so nice ^^

Author's Response: lol...i noticed you stopped here...you probably had enough of the story...lol you got 9 more chapters to go!!! yey!

Eyeslikeatoms reviewed Chapter 08: The Bold Coordinator on Jun 08, 2012 07:35 PM [Report This]

I dont know why, but at the beginning:

"Yuki was watching a movie when she heard someone behind her. She turned around and saw the lost Kikwang in the middle of her living room with a major bed hair."

the first thought that came to mind was, is he naked? O_o what have you done to my innocent brain. lol at the toodaalooooo
Author's Response: lol...you've been hanging out with us in the chatroom too much...lol
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