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minhosnoona reviewed Chapter 20: Out In The Open on Jan 27, 2014 04:55 AM [Report This]

This is an amazing story. I need the end please. You are a great writer. I hope that the reason you haven't finished this has nothing to do with your health. I love Yuki, I would totally want to be friends with her. My favorite part is Kikwang as a koala bear.

Punklovgrl reviewed Chapter 20: Out In The Open on Jul 11, 2013 11:18 AM [Report This]

Loved the new chapter!

Haha I love her brothers how protective they are of her. They really have her back and you can tell they cherish her.

Yunho...yunho. What to say about him.

Hmmm that sucks for Calvin, he was stupid and it was a mistake but honestly I don't think she should take him back.

Aww the B2st boys are so cute, they really want to help her. She definitely is loved and well cared for.

As for who I want her to end up with, I haven't really thought too much of it. I like her with the two B2st boys but the fact that she has known Yunho longer and how they interact he would also be a good match with her. Calvin I never really though of her going back to and after this chapter I still don't. Yeah he made a mistake and he feels bad about it but it was also probably for the best that they ended.

As always I can't wait until the next chapter but don't feel pressured to update quickly, just rest and get better. Your loyal readers and I will still be here when you update.

Eyeslikeatoms reviewed Chapter 20: Out In The Open on Jun 24, 2013 06:10 PM [Report This]

YUUUKIIIII-UNNIEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *runs to unnie in slow motion and embraces her*
YOU'RE BACK! I luv youuU!!!
(I have to point out that you said 'here's the new chapter for Photos of You' altho this is B2st temp coor but i still love you)
And I'm soooo excited to read this. I just reread the previous chapter since I wanted to be in the zone. *takes a deep breath* Am I ready for this? I think I am.
Oh and another note; LOOK WHO IS REVIEWING! Now who is the awesomest fan Yuki? Who? Did you say Cherry? If you did; You're absolutely correct! *winks*

Hahaha. I think Yuki's a bit scared of Yun Ho now. (I'm still a Yuki-Yun ho shipper btw!) Is it because of Jerry? I like that he has an aura of power around him~ (You know I'm smiling like an idiot while reviewing and reading? I'm just so happy you updated and this is like one of my favorite stories)

Jerry called Aaron :D *excited* I want him to find Yuki... And then I dont want him to find her since it's so exciting reading this.

'"Out?” Jerry’s voice went down a notch. “Out where?”

Aaron started to fidget. '

Kekekeke :DDD I like this.

Ooooh! He's following Calving around. I just love Aaron. Aaron is cool. Jerry is kinda cool too even though he knows Aaron was with Yuki :) I love the siblings ^__^

Now that was kinda sad with Yunho getting frustrated and scaring Yuki. Yuki pretends to be happy so much that her crying is a big thing (I think). This is why I roor for Yunho! Yuki is such a strong persona she needs someone like Yunho who can defy her if needed. :( That Calvin jerk dared to hurt Yuki and now he wants her again *glare* Aaron and Jerry better handle him!

I'm against Calvin even if there has been some sort of misunderstanding. He announced his engagement that asshole! Without talking to Yuki. That's bad no matter what. AND HE SLEPT WITH SOMEONE ELSE!

NOO CALVIN! DONT STALK YUKI! I dont like you! I like Yunho! And Aaron!

Woah, Yuki's actually telling the boys something? (and Yoseob was cute asking her heheh)

HAHAHH! Kiki told them where she lives. I love the "Yah!" she says after.

NOOOO CALVIN. NOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You have no right to talk to Yuki! Leave!!!!!

hehe... I liked this chapter. I got very into it... You might have noticed. (Btw Yunho+Yuki, Yunho+Yuki)
Please update again soon Yuki? Please?
And I am so happy that youre cancer free now you cant even imagine! I was quite worried :/ *hugs* I send you lots of love!
Author's Response: Cherry...you totally made my day! I soooo love your long comment!!! I could feel how excited you are. I was smiling like an idiot here while reading your comment. I almost spit out the soup that I was eating when I read some part of your comment. You crack me up! Thank you so much for your comment. I really really love it! And yes, God is good, I'm cancer free. Oh and thank you for pointing it out about the photos of you thingy...I laughed out loud when I read that. Maybe i'll leave it and see if someone else notice it...hahaha You are one special girl I tell you. Thank you dear. I will update soon. (^o^)v

hunnyhugs reviewed Chapter 20: Out In The Open on Jun 22, 2013 02:47 PM [Report This]

aaa...finally i see you..
hohohoo...i purposely give my review late X)
hm..how dare he show his face to yuki, hope i see some wrath next chapter XD
i seriously didn't know about the cancer, sorry.
god bless u free from it. u're fighter!
don't stress yourself bcuz of our demand ok...hehe
take ur time, take care, eat well, rest well :')
see u~
Author's Response: hey hunny!! oh no worries about the cancer. God is good and I am cancer free! yey! I can start writing again. It was hard to write during my treatment. All those medications and chemo just dragged me down. It's just so nice to be back and to see y'all comments and interacting with everyone! Don't worry I'll update soon!!! hehehe Thank you so much!

Ezdaahaaa reviewed Chapter 20: Out In The Open on Jun 22, 2013 01:22 PM [Report This]

Wahhhh! Daebak!!! Please up-date!
Author's Response: hi Suzy! are you a new reader? I don't think we met yet. I'm glad you liked this story! Hope to see you more here! Oh and I'll update soon.

cahaya reviewed Chapter 20: Out In The Open on Jun 18, 2013 04:06 PM [Report This]

yes yes yes sis yuki, you're back with new chapter
glad you're free from cancer and take good care of yourself
miss you sis ...as for this new chapter ...love it
especially conversation between Yuki & Yun Ho...seems like Yun Ho likes Yuki...any possibility of that pairing?
they kindda cute together although Yuki denied it when the boys asked her about Yun Ho ...
aisshhh calvin still around and following Yuki
glad aaron followed calvin...any possibility for aaron interrupt conversation between calvin and yuki? hopefully yes...kekeke
love conversations between aaron and jerry ...kindda cute!
cannot wait for next chapter...pls update soon!
now kindda ship Yuki & Yun Ho ...kekeke
take care again sis ...love u and miss you so much sis >3 >3
Author's Response: Cahaya!!!! so glad to see you here again! I miss you too! hehehe...You liking the YunhoxYuki pairing? There's a possibility you know. I know a lot of my readers switched to Yunho...LOL. I'll update soon Cahaya! and girl! congrats for having that many reviews! You're amazing! and thank you for doing that! See you soon here or soompi! LOL.

romantic swan reviewed Chapter 20: Out In The Open on Jun 18, 2013 04:54 AM [Report This]

It is a long wait but worthwhile. Why Calvin has to show up now when he messed up big time. Anyway I hope Yuki don't go back to Calvin but be paired up with one of the Beast boys.
Author's Response: swan! so, you still want her to be paired to one of the B2St boys? which one? some of my readers switch to YunhoxYuki after the latest chapter...LOL. Thanks for always being here supporting my fic!

lovableshinhwa reviewed Chapter 20: Out In The Open on Jun 17, 2013 01:45 PM [Report This]

Aww.. The boys are sooo sweet... :D

For some reason i love the idea of yuki and yunho.. Hahaha.. :D

And i hope she doesnt go back to calvin..
And that calvin would be mad if ever she wont come back...
You had you chance dude!! And you screwed it up..
Hahaha... :D

Anyways... Thanks for the update yuki!! :D

Take care always...
Author's Response: thank you dear...honestly...i'm still trying to figure out who she will fall for...hmmm...i kind of round it to two guys...so we will see...though i hear a lot for YunKi..lol

TIPromptness reviewed Chapter 19: The Yan Siblings on Dec 16, 2012 07:48 PM [Report This]

Continue this story! You will, right? Please!!!!!
Author's Response: yes i will. i just updated it. not sure if you click on 'follow' the story then you will be updated. hope you like the new chapter.
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