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love it...thank you for chapter 3
intense moments when maru sings and haru show up then cried...quite heartbreaking
but love the part when maru hugs haru..sweet moments indeed ...
hopefully haru open herself up with maru soon...still hoping for both of them to be together...
they kindda perfect with one another...
love the last part when both of them sleep in the same bed ...nice n sweet too
update soon sis ;)
Author's Response: Thanks, and you're welcome. Writing the "song part" made me cry too XD I'm really close to my characters as you can see ;p Awwww thanks for the "sis" nickname. hehe Don't worry, my next chapters need to be corrected because I'm not very good with english, I'm french that's why^^ But I'm curently writing the 10th chapter so I have 6 chapters waiting to be corrected. Please be patient, it will come^^

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superb chapter 2
seems like haru needs her 2nd chance in life
haru n masu kindda great together
masu's family so friendly n nice n kindda warm with haru
love the turkey's part...kindda funny!
hopefully both haru n maru falls for one another without others knowing about it ;)
Author's Response: Thanks^^ Yeah I had a great time writing the turkey's part XD I'm really happy you liked it.

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wow interesting storyline
pity haru when she lost her fiance during Christmas....
nice of masu when he bought haru the book that she wants :blush:
haru n masu...wonder what gonna happen next... ;)
Author's Response: It's been so long since I came here the last time. Thanks for reading and reviewing.

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Babe! This was really sweet and deep!
I can see you delving into many more things hidden behind each character!!

Haru's character is hiding so many different things that I can't wait for you to show her to us.

The hugging scene was beautiful I loved it!

I think it's my favorite part throughout this story!

Write more!!!!
Author's Response: First thanks for corrected it^^ And thanks too because you are underlining the fact that my characters are deep and you were able to see it. It makes me happy to see that you were able to notice it. My point is, I wasn't sure that people would see it. So thanks a lot^^ I loved writing the hugging scene. I used TegoMasu's song Yoru hoshi no nagamette okure to write it. The verses I used was from this song and it's a song that means a lot to me. Maybe it's why this scene is so strong. Thanks for loving it^^ I'll write more, but I think I'll ask you to correct it too :s Sorry^^ I gyoza you (l)

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Love this chapter. Poor Haru. oh I wish she can be with Tenshi. Update soon.
Author's Response: Thanks, sweety^^ Wait for the next chapter. I'll try to make it corrected soon^^

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Hi new reader here.

Poor girl, she deserve a second chance.
Hope their love will become real soon.

Update soon
Author's Response: Thanks for reading this story^^ Yeah Haru deserves a second chance. But don't worry for that, I'll help her getting it ;p I wait for my beta reader to correct the 3rd chapter but as soon as it will be corrected I'll update it. I'm really happy to have a new reader. Please continue reading this story^^

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can i just say that i love this story! :) instant fan. please update soon. :) will be waiting. :)
Author's Response: Thank you so much^^ I'll update it as soon as my third chapter will be corrected. I feel realy happy that you love this :D

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this was a really sweet chapter but a little sad too!
How Massu and Haru are both pretending but it is also visibile the possbile love that might bloom between those two.
Massu's family is so sweet and fun!
I liked it haha and the turkey bit was my favourite!
Please update soon!
Author's Response: Coco has my third chapter, she had to correct it. As soon as I'll have it, I'll update^^ don't worry^^. The turkey time made me laugh when I wrote it XD Yes I like to think that Massu's family is as sweet as he seems to be^^ It'll be fun as it will be sad like that for a moment, but I don't want to spoil you XD Thanks for reading and enjoying my chapter. JTM!!!!

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yaaaaaaaaaaaaay for the first chapter!!!
I loved it bb!
the way you described massu was so sweet and adorable!
Poor Haru, having lost her fiance like that..*hugs*
Tomo nii chan sounds sooooooo cute and and just perfect XD
so you agreed to be his fake girlfriend?
aaaa i wanna know what will happen!
update soon!
and of course I will support you sweety
love you
Author's Response: Yay, you're the first to review. I like that. Thanks for reading, and thanks for the poster too *chu* I'm glad you loved this chapter, I'm waiting for coco to correct the second one. I described Massu that way because he is sweet and adorable... and a beast in bed ;) And Niichan is cute and perfect XD so I'm just telling the truth here ;) Yes I agreed to be his fake girlfriend, but you'll have to wait for the next chapter to see what will happen. Je t'aime aussi. chuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

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Author's Response: lol, thanks XD
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