Reviews For Blood and Tears

maohartjun reviewed PART I on Dec 07, 2011 01:02 PM [Report This]

Ok I hope you ain't too tired to read another review of mine regarding this fic. I hope you don't feel too sad that I didn't really like to your Dance in the Dark maybe its cause I ain't too huge a fan of Maki's ok (say no more, my lips are sealed) *covers face* ... gomen. BUT,

I seriously couldn't remember this story so I had to read it and yes this is one of the fics that I like to follow closely. WHY? I guess its like surreal (you know when you watch a movie and you see people interact with feelings, yeah well this fic does it for me). I know now the purpose of this fic and that Pi was in love (or wasn't he) with Mao??? but the start of it was Mao visiting him and just wanting to see him or his painting?? Since Pi is married I was curious into how they knew each other and through Pi's reminiscing how he met Mao I kind of fell hard for these two in this fic. Seriously I don't know why but I just do its like a thump and just my thoughts are making me so want to cry. But even thou he's not in love with Mao he still loves her right Anna Clair oh please let these two end up together in this fic. Okay I better put a stop here or someone might gag my mouth haha. I miss this fic btw plus I enjoy and love the humorous GStar as well.

nitelotus reviewed PART I on Jul 05, 2011 03:37 AM [Report This]

Oohh...this is pretty interesting. I love the fierceness of emotions! Good job!

maohartjun reviewed PART I on May 17, 2011 11:59 PM [Report This]

I want an update pretty pls 'waves' ... once reading this it didn't grasp my interest but since I am trying to recap the story here I am understanding that Mao is working in a not so nice club doing
stuff that shes too good for & Pi is trying to save her. What I don't get is whether he actually does love her or just wanting to save her as the first recap says when she visits him @ the gallery but I guess that she does love him cause she wants him to just remember her as the girl walking along instead of her in the club .... aarrghh I want Mao & Pi together. BUT now that hes married to (my not so favorite person) hihi I hope that he will end up with Mao but I can only wait till your story is updated. I know now that Jun is a yakuza so bad hihi & I wanted to also know how Mao left him & whether she is a survivor & will have a better life !! Thankyou author another long review 'smiles' but I just love your story that has Mao in it (mainly her being the main one) hehe. (^_^)

BlueMiku reviewed PART I on Apr 28, 2011 01:46 AM [Report This]

Another good story and I'm so looking forward to the next part. It's an exciting background Yamapi have here!! THANK YOU for sharing :)

maohartjun reviewed PART I on Mar 17, 2011 06:58 AM [Report This]

Wow this is a great read, thanks for this great fanfic cannot wait for the next instalment (^_^)

Magzhydfan reviewed PART I on Feb 21, 2011 12:16 PM [Report This]

I am very very very intrigued with this story. I want more. Was there more that Mao sacrificed so as to give him inspiration to paint, do things he never would have imagined and changed his life for the better? Did Yamapi came back to save Mao? Will there be happiness for Mao? Will there be more of Mao and Yamapi? Please,please.... I want more.
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