Reviews For The Error

maohartjun reviewed Chapter 1 on Apr 08, 2011 12:02 PM [Report This]

O...K...this was sooo confusing for me haha but I read it like 3x & yes I am not one of those readers that skips but likes to understand the storyline & knowing now what M.J went through I totally get it but I would have liked to know whether Mao ever got to see him tho'?? Anyway enjoyable to read thankyou (^^)
Author's Response: Why he doesn't want to meet her, neither his mother is left for the reader to figure out. I think I'll have to explain the legal-side though. XD Thanks for reading :)

Christine reviewed Chapter 1 on Feb 08, 2011 11:59 AM [Report This]

Shit that was kind of sad :(
Jun asked Mao out before rhe murder! How come he didn't reply to her letters?
Author's Response: Left for you to think about it. As so far, no reader could imagine why he suddenly threw her off. Hmmm Thanks the R&R.
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